Synthesizing all nice & significant monuments in Dalat Vietnam.

Далат университет

Dalat University

  The University of Dalat is located in the center of the city of Dalat – a popular tourist city on Lam Vien plateau with a year – round cool climate, endless pine forests, flower, fog, and waterfalls. History of Dalat University According to the plan of Dalat city in 1923 из [...]

Далат научно-исследовательский институт биологической

Dalat Biological Research Institute

  Overview of Biological Research Institute in Dalat Investigating and studying the regional flora and fauna in the Western highland area of Vietnam. Protecting, rehabilitating, and developing precious and rare species, plant and animal genetic resources. Storing plant and animal [...]

Crazy House

Crazy House

  Records of Crazy House in Dalat Otherwise known as the "Crazy House," this Gaudi-meets-Sesame Street theme park is one not to miss. It's a wild mass of wood and wire fashioned into the shape of a giant tree house and smoothed over in concrete. It sounds simple, but there's a vision to this [...]

Бао Дай Летний дворец

Bao Dai Summer Palace

  Overview of Bao Dai Summer Palace in Dalat Otherwise known as Palace Number 3 (Palace III), Bao Dai's summer Palace was used as a retreat by the family of King Bao Dai, the last king of Viet Nam. Built from 1933 к 1938, the cube – like art deco exterior angled away from the entrance [...]


Тран Ле Суан дворец

Tran Le Xuan Palace

  Overview of Tran Le Xuan Palace in Dalat Located on a pine hill at No.2 Yet Kieu street, город Далат, the palace is now the National Preservation Center 4. It is the place of wood-made documents of Nguyen Dynasty. Recently, it has been recognized as the World document heritage and it is in [...]

Павильон на воде

Pavilion on Water

  Records of Pavilion on Water in Dalat In 1919. when Grand Lac (Xuan Huong Lake now) was built to found a sight in the center of Dalat city, architect Hébrard had an idea to make an outstanding point for the lake, so a small island with oval shape appeared. Previously, it was a small [...]

Дворец Нгуен Хыу Хао

Palace of Nguyen Huu Hao

  Located on a hill of Lamdong museum, Nguyen Huu Hao’s palace or Queen Nam Phuong’s palace (Nguyen Huu Hao’s daughter) is an ancient palace with the French architecture style. History of Nguyen Huu Hao palace It was built in 1930s. It had ever been Mr. Nguyen Huu Hao’s – father [...]

Дворец 3

Palace 3

  Overview of Palace 3 in Dalat This had been the palace of King Bao Dai, the last king of Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam when the French helped him retake power from 1948 and established the Royal Territory in 1950. [Подпись ID ="attachment_970" выравнивание ="AlignCenter" ширина ="570"] Дворец [...]

Дворец 1

Palace 1

  Overview of palace 1 in Dalat This palace has been a large one in Tran Quang Dieu street, подопечный 10, город Далат. It is 4km far from the city center to ter southeast. It is located on a 1,550-meter hill with full of pine trees. Its total area is about 60ha with the average slope of 500. It [...]

Lam Dong музей

Lam Dong Museum

  Located on a hill at No.4 Hung Vuong street, 3km from Dalat city the Northeast, Lamdong museum is the place displaying the historical objects of the locality, especially the cultural traditional objects of Lamdong province. Overview of Lam Dong Museum in Dalat The museum Has 9 showrooms [...]