Dalat Bus Station



The Dalat Bus Station was located at No.01 To Hien Thanh Street, Ward 3, Dalat City.


Building area of 20 thousand square meters, has three floors with functional areas such as: ticketing room, lounge, service areas and office

The station where the buses from all province of Vietnam have the arrivals and departures.

For quick trip, you can have your meals at the canteen in the campus of Dalat Bus Station. The meal and price can be reasonable.

Bus Station in Dalat

Dalat Bus Station

Check bus timetable at http://www.dalattrip.com/dalat-bus-schedule

Map of Dalat bus station

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  1. dalattrip, 2 несколько месяцев назад

    You can be easy to catch the city bus in front of bus station

  2. Maria, 3 несколько месяцев назад

    Hi is there a way to get from the bus station to the airport?
    благодаря, maria

  3. Sophie Gavin, 4 несколько месяцев назад

    всем привет,

    I’m travelling to Da Lat bus station tomorrow morning and was wondering if there is a locker at the bus station or near by that I could put my rucksack in for the day?


  4. Kin Nang, 9 несколько месяцев назад

    I’m going to Da Lat on Feb. 17 with Phuong Trang. Do they have free shuttle service from bus station into town?

  5. Adam, 10 несколько месяцев назад

    How can I get from dalat to cat tien on bus and what times? благодаря

  6. dalattrip, 11 несколько месяцев назад

    Futabus company has the comfortable time, every trip per every hour from 07:00am until 01:00am daily

  7. Nikolett Pauli, 11 несколько месяцев назад


    I would like to travel to Ho Chi Minh City.
    Could you tell the latest departing (overnight bus) time, travel duration and price for me, please.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Many thanks,

  8. Kenny, 2 много лет назад

    Здравствуй, any pick up services from Love Valley / Dream Hill at dalat

  9. DALAT TRIP TEAM, 2 много лет назад

    yes, of coures, it take around 4 км. If you go with Phuong Trang bus, they have free transfer service, you should take advantage of this

  10. chang, 2 много лет назад

    can walk from bus station to dalat town or not?

  11. DALAT TRIP TEAM, 2 много лет назад

    Здравствуй, you are easy to purchase the return ticket once you arrive in Dalat bus station, the cost is the same way.

  12. Veena, 2 много лет назад

    Здравствуй, I’m travelling from Dalat to Nah Trang on Sunday 6th April. I’d like to travel about 9 or 10am. Are there buses at that time?

    Также, can I purchase the ticket when I arrive at the bus station in Dalat or must I order/book before hand?

    What is the cost for a return ticket?

    Many thanks

  13. TRIP городе Далат, 3 много лет назад

    Hi Mike,
    Mai Linh or Phuong Trang has the transfer service with free of charge.
    For pick-up: if you like to save your time you should catch the taxi in order to come the Bus station 10 minutes before bus departs. In case you have the transfer service of Mai Linh or Phuong Trang, they will pick-up you quite soon around 40 minute before bus depart.
    For deliver: It’s better to have their transfer service.

  14. Mike, 3 много лет назад

    Здравствуйте, could you tell me, what’s the best way to get to/from bus station to hotel? should we get a taxi or mai linh/phuong trang have some hotel pickup/drop off services?

  15. Rene Schrader, 3 много лет назад

    Ich moecte mit dem dem Bus vom Flughafen SGN nach Dalat.Welche Moeglichkeiten giebt es? Gruesse aus Deutschland. Rene Schrader

  16. TRIP городе Далат, 3 много лет назад

    Hi Andy Lingard,
    Dalat Bus Station has no bus to Hoi An. Однако, you can cacth the bus from Dalat to Danang, and drop you at Ngã 3 Vĩnh Điện, then catch the taxi to Hoi An town (around 10km).
    Dalat-Danang route has 2 route per day (11:00AM and 04:00ВЕЧЕРА).
    Price: USD 14/person (maybe change subject to gasoline)
    The big bus – 45 места

  17. Andy Lingard, 3 много лет назад

    Please can you send me the times add prices of busses to Hoi An. Do you run a sleeper bus on this route?

    I am over 2 meters tall so have to take big bus

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