Маршруты: Муйне – Далат



Riding a bus with open windows gave tourists a chance to see the changing landscape and the countryside. Most of the drive were downhill, and there were a few hairpin turns that surprised tourists with wonderful views. From rolling hills to the coastal view or vice versa will give you the strange changing.

длина: 180 км

продолжительность: it takes you 4,5 hours to 5 часов

Free Pick-up service

Авиакассы в Далат

An Phu Bus

телефон: 0974 921 379

Адрес: 27 Truong Cong Dinh St., город Далат

Время отправления: в 07:30я каждый день

Sinh Tourist Bus

телефон: 063 3822 663

Адрес: 22 Bui Thi Xuan St., город Далат

Время отправления: в 07:30я каждый день.

Или сделать бронирование в Далат поездки Офис


Booking Office in Mui Ne (Фантьет)

Sinh Tourist Bus

телефон: 062 3847 542

Адрес: 144 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Ham Tien Ward (KM 16), Phan Thiet City

Время отправления: в 07:30я каждый день

Далат - Mui Ne transport

Далат – Mui Ne transport


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11 Вопросы и комментарии

  1. Fida, 1 год назад

    Hi sirs,

    May i know, you have any buses from Dalat To Ho Chi Minh City?

  2. Nop, 1 год назад

    всем привет!! I need to know about photography tour (not pre-wedding)
    Can you help me? Please send information to my email address. I’m planning for take pictures with graduate suit. Many thanks !!!!!

  3. dalattrip, 1 год назад

    всем привет, we are sorry that we just support for bus from Dalat city.
    From Mui Ne, you try to contact some agents there

  4. Bernard Lim, 1 год назад

    Здравствуйте. I am thinking of going to Da Lat from Mui Ne. Please recommend the bus, timing, pick up area and the pricing.


  5. dalattrip, 1 год назад

    For your convenience, you can book at HCMC
    For your saving, you can book at the place itself

  6. Nurul, 1 год назад


    Do you recommend us to book tours for Dalat and Mui Ne at HCMC or at the place itself?


  7. pom277, 2 много лет назад

    Would you please tell me how far from Nha Trang to Mui Ne? Do you have a day tour in Na Trang and Mui Ne? Is it faster and more convenient to take a train from Ho chi minh to Na Trang ?. Есть 8 Persons in our group and the propose of visit Na Trang is notthing beside have a good seafood so, if we can be at the red sand and white sand dune in Mui Ne it would be great . We have only one night and 2 days in Na Trang then back to Ho Chi Minh ( from Na Trang by air)to take the late flight back to our home.

  8. номер N, 2 много лет назад

    Hi Fadli,
    The bus from Mui Ne to Dalat, depart at 07:00ам & 01:00pm every day.

  9. Fadli, 2 много лет назад

    Здравствуй, may I know what’s the bus schedule from Mui Ne to Dalat?

  10. номер N, 2 много лет назад

    Hi Chika,
    Please refer the schedule at http://www.dalattrip.com/dalat-bus-schedule/
    The cost at present (26th Dec 2013) is USD8/Person/way, included free pick-up at hotel.

  11. Chika, 2 много лет назад


    Please info for bus schedule MUI NE to DA LAT. Is there any night bus? and how about the price?


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