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Ван Тхань Flower Village

Van Thanh Flower Village

  Coming to Dalat city, surely you can not ignore the flower Van Thanh village, the village's largest flower and which provide over 80% roses of Da Lat. About 300 households of peasants in Van Thanh village, Da Lat produce a variety of the flowers with a total area of over 200 [...]


Da Lat Хорек кофе – Реальный Вкус циветты Кофе в

Da Lat Weasel Coffee – Civet Coffee’s Real Flavor

  Трай Ham Da Lat Хорек кофе, the big weasel farm in Dalat The big farm producing the famed weasel coffee in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong has opened its door for visitors to see the entire process of making the coffee with the help of domesticated animals. Место нахождения & [...]

Night Walking Town & Dalat night market

Night Walking Town & Dalat night market

  Time for Dalat Night Walking Town: 19H00 - 22h00 every Saturday and Sunday of week. Night Walking Town included Dalat night market In Dalat city, Вьетнам, include: Hoa Binh theater area (excluding Tung Nghia bus station), all Tang Bat Ho street, Truong Cong Dinh street, a part of 3-2 [...]


Далат Star

Dalat Star

History of Dalat Star Dalat is a charming city with vast flowers gardens, winding mountain passes, Iushy green pine forests and amiable people. Many visitors to Dalat are so charmed by its beauty that they hesitate to leave after just one visit; many choose it as their second home. Trinh Thai [...]

Сохранилось Цветочный Showroom

The Preserved Flower Showroom

  Records & location of Dalat Flower Forest Corp The Dried Flower Showroom belongs to Dalat Flower Forest Biotechnology Corporation (Dalat FBIO Corp) located on Mai Anh Dao treet, подопечный 8, город Далат, провинция Lam Dong. Dalat FBIO Corp was established in 2003 specialized in producing [...]

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Далат Магия Таблица

Dalat Magic Table

Место нахождения & formation of Magic Table in Dalat Approx. 5 km southeast of the Dalat center and opposite Chinese Pagoda, Dalat Magic Table is originally from Binh Dinh province in The Middle of Vietnam used by four generations. It was known as the "miracle table" to locals, is claimed to be two [...]

Tran Le Garden House

Tran Le Garden House

Truc Lam Vien is also called Tran Le Garden House (Tran Le Gia Trang in Vietnamese) Location It’s 15km from Dalat to the south, Truc Lam Vien tourist attraction is a bright pearl, an ideal stop for tourists by its poetic landscape and unique architecture. Overview of Tran Le Garden [...]


с Хиллом

Cu Hill

Cu Hill today is golf course Cu Hill is located in the heart of Dalat city next to Xuan Huong lake and they often be referred as a associated landscape duo - many people believe that Da Lat would be reduced its beauty if having no Cu Hill and Xuan Huong Lake. In the past and even in Governor [...]

Слон и страусы езды

Elephant and Ostriches Ride

  Elephant and Ostriches Ride in Dalat Activities's Places Prenn Waterfall is not just another pretty site to visit in Dalat. It offers many interesting activities including elephant and ostrich rides. Смиренный слон примет вас через нетронутой природы, таких как небольшие ручьи, lakes [...]

Minh Tam Flower Garden

Minh Tam Flower Garden

  Located at No. 20A Khe Sanh street – Dalat city, Minh Tam flower garden has its area of 18 hectares with a lot of pine-trees surrounding. Records of Minh Tam flower garden in Dalat It had ever been a villa of a Frenchman named David which was built in 1938. After coming back France, [...]