Tiger Cave Водопад


Tiger Cave водопад расположен в Суан Тхо коммуны, город Далат, в национальной дороге 20. Возьмите поворот на км столба No.13 и продолжайте идти вокруг 2,7km, вы увидите водопад.

Tiger cave waterfall

Пещера водопад Тигр

The legend story of Tiger Cave waterfall in Dalat

В 1950, the place was a deep forest with plenty of wild animals, of which the fiercest animals are tigers “Lords of forest”. There was a big tiger which often lived in a cave close to the fall. At that time a local hunter tried to kill the tiger, but it didn’t die; it just got injured in one leg so it became fiercer and fiercer, screaming destroying the surrounding area and then it went away from the cave. Since then, people gave the name Tiger to the waterfall. At the flower garden of the site, tourists can see a big statue of a tiger and a family of tiger around a big mushroom. We can also see a statue of a brave man in a proud posture which reminds us of the then hunter.

The waterfall has 25m in height and 10m in width. At the foot of the waterfall, the flow of water falls down strongly, making the dense mist covering the area. The white water then follows the rocks and flows into the primitive forest.

The map of Tiger Cave Waterfall

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