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  We temporarily do not support for visa extension. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. GENERAL VISA SERVICE On-Arrival service is available for who would like to avoid the perhaps lengthening visa procedures with their local Vietnam's Embassies. Visa Vietnam Online is [...]

Homestay in Dalat

Homestay in Dalat

  Homestay tourism: experiencing Dalat's farmers lifestyles ! 现在, one of the issues of high interest for tourists when they come to Dalat is how they can make full use of their short period of time to both enjoy beautiful scenery of the romantic highland city and have opportunities [...]




  Dalat Vietnam is well known for “The city of love” thanks to its romance and poetry created by many spectacular natural sceneries and charmer ancient architectures which captivated the heart of people. This is the meeting place of natural masterpieces: majestic waterfalls, mystic [...]

景点门票 & 大叻旅游景点的延伸服务

  Updated on July 07th 2013. Price is quoted USD, Directly Payment to tourist sites, included tax & insurance at tourist place. XQ历史村 : $1/ticket Valley of Love : $1/ticket Silk Weaving Factory : $0.8/ticket Dream Hill : $1.5/ticket Golden Valley : [...]

Dalat Cooking Class

Dalat Cooking Class

  PROGRAM OF COOKING CLASS IN DALAT From the market to your plate - no more secrets with our English speaking Vietnamese Chef. Going to Dalat's market: from 09:00AM to 09:40AM Our Chef will guide you through the colorful and vibrant Dalat market to purchase necessary ingredients for [...]

飞行, 公交车票

  We highly recommend the tourist should book the bus tickets, train tickets, flight tickets directly to the transport suppliers. Please refer Dalat transportation post (Link) for finding the good transport suppliers. In case, you would like to book the ticket through us, we will request a [...]


  DALAT INTERPRETER & TRANSLATOR SERVICE DALATTRIP's Interpreters have been studied abroad with the country corresponding its language at least 3 years. So they can comprehend your language as well as your country's culture. 除此之外, they almost are Dalat citizens with the good [...]


  DALAT TOUR GUIDE SERVICE Be valid from 01st Jan,2014 Rates in USD Schedule For English For French/Chinese For Russian/Japanese Around Dalat city in 1 天 20 40 50 Around Dalat city in half day 15 30 40 Pick up/ [...]

车辆出租 | 私人交通工具

  PRIVATE TRANSPORT IN DALAT Be valid from 01st Jan,2016 Rates in USD Schedule 4 seat car 7 seat car 10/16 seat car 29 seat car 35/45 seat car Dalat in full day 42 47 52 100 195 大叻 </> Lien khuong [...]