你喜欢品尝当地特色菜或购买作为礼物送给你的家人和你的朋友. 这很棒, 你可以参考大叻的一些特色此处一旦您访问越南大叻.


Dalat Fruits

大叻可能是你想象一下,当你想象越南相反. 树是松树, 没有手掌. 有没有粘, 压迫热带热, 和空气是脆, 新鲜, 和精彩. 山地城市大叻是越南的农业中心. Its year-round temperate climate [...]

大叻花茶 – 技术人员从大叻的花

Dalat Flower Tea – the art from the flower of Dalat

  3月13日 2014. 自古, 人们已经不得不进入天然草药, 和鲜花,以提高他们的健康, and maintain their youth. Modern science has made great strides in the exploitation of these natural strengths. Tea is one of the best herbs for health and helps [...]

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Dalat Wine

  大叻葡萄酒 (也叫万荣大叻) is one of Dalat's specialities. 你会感觉到自己与并排你的同事大叻品尝红酒一边, 您的家人或大叻晚上你的情人. 是多么的激动! History of Dalat Wine Like as most other Asian countries, wine is not [...]



Dalat Vegetables

  Conditions for developing vegetables in Dalat Dalat is a famous tourist city of Vietnam and also a famous vegetable cultivation region of the country. Its location is in tropical and monsoon zone but with influence of an altitude, Dalat has a climate of a temperate zone. Although its area [...]


Dalat Jams

  Da Lat is a Kingdom of jam in Vietnam Jam in other area is only produced and sold by Tet occasion, 但果酱大叻是销售的所有时间,因为大叻是果酱的越南王国. History of jam industry in Dalat The jam-making occupation in Da Lat was found in the late 1950s – the [...]

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Dalat Flowers

  The Development of Flowers in Dalat Flowers is one of Dalat's specialities. That is reason why Dalat has also been called with another name is "The city of flower" by a lot of tourists once visiting Dalat Vietnam. 的确, The conditions of nature (weather, temperature, humid...) have [...]



Dalat Artichoke

  大叻朝鲜蓟为什么是好的 & 著名? 大叻朝鲜蓟这不仅是在越南也超过了世界著名的. In the opinion of biologic experts, nowhere in Asia have better quality artichoke than Dalat artichoke thanks to characteristics of a particular area (Altitude, [...]



Visiting the hanging strawberry garden in Dalat Vietnam

  8月20日 2013. 与水培法挂草莓园早在几年前就已经出现在大叻市. 先前, Dalat’s farmers planted strawberry within row in the ground. [说明ID ="attachment_4228" ALIGN ="aligncenter" width="560"] Dalat strawberries will be [...]