The Support Team of Traveling Business in Dalat

The “HET” team of DALATTRIP, the professional team is in charge of Business Trip Plan in Dalat city and entire Lamdong province. The HET team gained great prestige as one of the pioneering Business Travel Services in Dalat, Lamdong for multi-nationality tourists on business purposes combined with leisure and entertainment add-on services.

Thanks to being located and operated in Dalat, so we have good comprehension of the local people and culture in Dalat city and entire Lam Dong province. Besides that, We have long-term partnership with airlines, hotel chains, transportation companies, service suppliers and a professional personnel team specialized in DALATTRIP.

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of excellent services for your business trip and many value-added services to provide business travelers with relaxing and entertaining moments after business hours. All are provided under our Quality Control Department to ensure a satisfactory business trip in Dalat, Lamdong with DALATTRIP.

We meet all services from budget to Deluxe & Luxury.

Details of Business Travel Services:

  1. Preparation of Accommodation which be appropriate for business trip purpose.
  2. Professional interpreters (from Vietnamese to English, Chinese, French… and vice versa)
  3. Vehicle for rent (with chauffeur)
  4. Seminar/workshop/meeting rooms & facilities with food & beverages
  5. Evening party for celebrating deal sealing or partners thanking
  6. Air tickets outside and inside Dalat and Vietnam
  7. Market research & survey tours
  8. To Assist in searching business partners & prepare appointment.


With the HET team, you have All things that you need for business trip in Dalat city and entire Lamdong province.


Some big conferences were hold in Dalat:

– Asean Coffee & Tea Conference (Link)

Some media maker had visited to Dalat:

– The Flying Winemaker by TPD Media Video Production (

– Coffee Document Film, Cafe Culture magazine for cafe industry (

– Photo Hunters, Soltun Folkehogskole (


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