Dalat Cable Car


Dalat Cable Car at Robin Hill

Overview of Dalat Cable Car

The cable car runs from Robin Hill to the Truc Lam Monastery and was built by an Austrian company. The ride covers 2,3km, with 50 brightly painted cabins spanning the distance. The panoramic views of Dalat are worth the effort.

Robin hill

Robin hill


Robin hill Dalat

Robin hill Dalat


Dalat Cable Car

Dalat Cable Car

The map of  Dalat Cable Car

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7 Questions & Comments

  1. Veronica Morra, 2 years ago Reply

    Really: complaining about overpaying by 2.000 Vietnamese Dong? That is approximately $0.12 USD. PLEEEEASE! MY LOWEST TIP IS 10.000 vnd.

  2. Poe, 5 years ago Reply

    29th Jan 2019
    Waiting for next cable car up. Was told by information it will b 1300h. One way is 50k, return is 80k. Service run till 1700h. I asked for time table, got the answer : I don’t know. Try to walk around to see if there is any information, but to no avail.

  3. Candy, 7 years ago Reply

    We are here on 23rd Nov and were told to come back tomorrow. Now we are stuck here and no cabs up here. We were trying to get to datanla waterfall park to ride the tobbogan.

  4. Anna, 7 years ago Reply

    We visited cable car today and really enjoyed our trip. Pine forest and view of Dalat are amazing. We had a great time until the staff cheated on us. The parking guy ( from the side of Dalat ) charged us 5 000 VDN instead of 3 000 VDN. He repeated a lot of times that the price for parking 5 000 and didn’t give change back. But the parking ticket said 3 000. I kindly ask you to stop such kind of scam at this attraction.

    • dalattrip, 7 years ago Reply

      Hi Anna. It’s sorry to hear this from you. In Dalat (I’m not sure for whole Vietnam). Some places such as Dalat market, tourist places. They charge the parking fee over their printed receipt. This way help the owner deposits the lower tax to government. I also used to fall into your feeling. But now I am used to that.

  5. Phong, 7 years ago Reply

    Destination is Truc Lam Zen Monastery. It’s take you about 12 minutes/way.
    Oneway ticket is 50,000₫/pax
    Return ticket is 70,000₫/pax

  6. SMITH, 8 years ago Reply


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