Dalat Can cake (Banh Can) – the delicious Can cake eateries in Dalat

Can cake (Banh Can) can be considered as one of the famous and typical dishes in Dalat City. Coming here, visitors will easily find the Can cake eateries has quite good taste along the roads.

However, few people know the places to enjoy a delicious taste of Can cake in Dalat city.

Therefore, dalattrip.com will introduce to you the details of delicious and famous Dalat Can cake shops. Let you have the best choices during your stay in Dalat.

Dalat Can cake (Banh Can) - the delicious eateries selling Can cake in Dalat

Dalat Can cake (Banh Can) – the delicious eateries selling Can cake in Dalat

Banh Can Le – Le Can cake eatery

Information of Banh Can Le

Address: located at 27/44 Yersin Street, Ward 10, Dalat City.

Phone number: 0933 18 95 96

Opening time: The eatery Le serves all day, only close at noon around 10:00 am – 15:00. It is very suitable for you to choose an eatery to have the most appropriate breakfast or dinner.

The direction map of Banh Can Le

It is close to the downtown area, but located in an alley, it was difficult to reach the shop.

The best way is following the instructional map or asks any people in Dalat. Anyone can know about this Can cake eatery of Dalat.

Review Banh Canh Le (Le Can cake eatery)

Banh Can Le - Le Can cake eatery

Banh Can Le – Le Can cake eatery

It is not easy to enjoy a delicious and typical dish. If you are a person who does not know the road in Dalat, you will probably give up halfway.

However, if you have reached the eatery, you will feel extremely worthy and satisfied. Because you reached the Can cake shop, it was rated as the most delicious and famous in Dalat.

The cake here is made with many different types of meat such as beef, quail eggs, chicken eggs, seafood… All kinds of above cakes have the same thing is extremely delicious.

The price here is also quite affordable from 25,000 VND – 30,000 VND / person only.

The crust is thin and very crispy, served with a fish sauce or fermented shrimp paste. In the cup of sauce, you can order more meat balls, it will be extremely delicious.

In addition, at the restaurant, there are also pork ham served with cakes, some desserts are included such as yogurt, flan cake….

The space at the restaurant is quite small, designed to take advantage family space with the style of the family, the owner make the cake and her husband serves guest. Normally, you have to wait for 10 – 15 minutes to enjoy Can cake.

The shop is quite small but in return it is very clean, the owner is very friendly and lovely. Normally, if you go to the shop, she will ask you in advance if you can wait or not.

Le shop is rated as the most delicious and famous in Dalat, unlike other shops. The shop sells both morning and afternoon so you can arrange the time for the best dining. Let come here to enjoy the specialties of Dalat!

Banh Can Nha Chung – Can cake eatery on Nha Chung Street

Information of Banh Can Nha Chung

Address: located at 13 Nha Chung Street, Ward 3, Dalat City.

Phone number: 0912 18 96 48

Opening time: 14:00 – 21:00 daily.

Direction map of Banh Can Nha Chung

This eatery is located on a big road close to the downtown area – a rather famous road for delicious and typical dishes of Dalat. It should be very easy and convenient for you to find and reach this shop.

If you are not good on the roads here, you just find your way to Dalat Cathedral. After that it will be easy to get to Can cake eatery on Nha Chung Street.

Review Can cake eatery on Nha Chung Street

Banh Can Nha Chung - Can cake eatery on Nha Chung Street

Banh Can Nha Chung – Can cake eatery on Nha Chung Street

If you are a person who is knowledgeable about food, especially the typical culinary culture of Dalat, it will be easy to see that this is one of the famous Can cake shops in Dalat, especially for tourists and young people.

Can cake here is quite delicious, just sitting and enjoying the cake, you can learn how to pour the flour into the mold and make the cake.

According to many customers, the sauce here is quite special. It is also a fish sauce; fermented shrimp paste, but also has green mango, fried onion, onion and oil. Adding a little peanut will make everything “harmonious” together and wonderful.

Can cake here is pea-sized, quite crispy, and in the cup of sauce, you can add for a few more pieces of meat balls to enjoy the endless deliciousness.

In the chilly weather typical of Dalat, enjoying this specialty dish with your partner is nothing more wonderful.

From the lady – owner of eatery, the waitresses and the boss which are very funny and friendly. The price of Can cake here is from 20,000 VND – 40,000 VND per person depending on the type.

A place is quite convenient for moving and traveling of customers. Also this is a road that is judged to have many delicious and typical eateries. That creates favorable conditions for you to enjoy and explore.

Banh Can Xiu Mai Cay Bo – Cay Bo Can cake eatery

Information of Banh Can Xiu Mai Cay Bo

Address: located at 56 Tang Bat Ho Street, Ward 1, Dalat City.

Opening time: 6:00 – 11:30 daily.

The eatery is open every morning so it is considered a good and reliable breakfast address. It is suitable place for tourists who want to have a delicious and cheap meal in Dalat.

Direction map of Banh Can Xiu Mai Cay Bo

This eatery is located right in the center of the city, around 400 m from Dalat markets, so it is very convenient for diners.

Review Cay Bo Can cake eatery

Banh Can Xiu Mai Cay Bo - Cay Bo Can cake eatery

Banh Can Xiu Mai Cay Bo – Cay Bo Can cake eatery

The shop has the name “Cay Bo” because it is located under the canopy of an avocado tree on Tang Bat Ho Street.

A plate of cake here includes 5 pairs of cakes (10 pieces) that cost about 30,000 VND. There are various kinds of cakes such as chicken eggs, quail eggs, meat, shrimp….

You guys want to enjoy any kind of cakes, just tell the owner your taste, you will have suitable treatment. There is also pork ham, only 5,000 VND each.

Sauce is the same as other Can cake shop (fish sauce or fermented shrimp paste). But the difference is very fatty with onion and oil, there are more meat balls.

This is a famous Can cake shop which is loved by guests not only local guests but also by tourists all over the country. Therefore, the number of customers coming to the shop is quite large. So please wait a bit to enjoy the cake!

In addition to Can cake, there are a few other dishes in the eatery, such as cheese yogurt, pork ham….

With a gentle and delicious taste, it contains characteristics and quintessence of Dalat that is nowhere to be found. So the shop received a lot of reviews and shared by customers.

Above are 3 Can cake shops that Dalat Trip has consulted with many customers. How about you? Please share you experience for good and famous Can cake shops. So visitors come to Dalat can enjoy the delicious taste of this dish!

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