Dalat Milk Farm

Let’s visit the dairy farm of Dalat Milk – one of the impressive destination of Da Lat, if you are familiar with Dalat tourist sites such as: Than Tho Lake, Valley of Love, Dream Hill, Lang Biang mountain… and you want to experience the new tourist destination of “The Flowers City”.

History of Dalat Milk Farm

Formerly known as Phi Vang Dairy Farm – state enterprises, the company officially changed its name to Da Lat Milk Joint Stock Company until July 16, 2009. And on Nov 18, 2009, the first dairy product was produced, marking the birth of the Dalat Milk brand in the Vietnamese dairy market with the goal of producing high quality pasteurized milk products from pure fresh milk. Now, Dalat Milk Farm – Dairy factory of Dalat Milk Joint Stock Company – Member of TH Group.

Dalat milk farm

Dalat milk farm

fresh milk products of Dalat milk

fresh milk products of Dalat milk

What to do in Dalat Milk Farm

Coming to Dalat Milk Farm, visitors not only come to a dairy farm, but also to a tourist destination associated with high-tech agriculture, coming to the field of sunflowers, buckwheat flowers, architecture simulate a village of the Netherlands country … Dalat Milk Farm is always attractive, attracting many visitors to this Highlands.

Enjoy beautiful scenery and architecture in Dalat Milk Farm

Coming to Dalat Milk Farm, you can enjoy the romantic scenery of a farm designed in a holistic way: the office center is built in Dutch classical architecture, dairy processing plant, production support area…. Intermingled with the vast green meadows is the image of lovely dairy cows which are grazing.

landscape of Dalat milk farm

landscape of Dalat milk farm

Dalat Milk has a peaceful and poetic scene with vast green meadows with black and white colors of dairy cows. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, let’s come here and enjoy great nature. Beside the vast green lawns is a cool lake which is suitable for visitors to organize teambuilding activities, camping … Two green pine lines along the way also contribute to create the charm of the farm. Because of this beautiful scene, the farm has become Dalat tourist destination has many couples come here to take wedding photos.

Visiting the dairy processing plant and experiencing with the farmers

After visiting the natural beauty, you will be visited the cow farm and experiencing with daily tasks of farmers. Visitors can witness firsthand of the dairy cow care works and investment items for livestock in the model of concentrated high technology breeding. In addition, visitors also visit the dairy processing plant, where visitors are guided the process of producing fresh milk products of Dalat Milk on modern technology lines, with a capacity of 50 tons per day.

the house in Dalat milk farm

the house in Dalat milk farm

Ending your trip to Dalat Milk Farm, you will not only have a relaxed moment with great natural scenery, but you will also learn more about the process of making pasteurized milk: freshly pasteurized milk, yoghurt, drinking yoghurt and fermented milk of Dalat Milk. You can participate in milking activities with workers, cutting grass, feeding cows…. Especially you can try free fresh milk at the farm. This will really be a memorable experience of your journey.

flower field in Dalat milk farm

flower field in Dalat milk farm

How to go to Dalat Milk Farm


Dalat Milk Farm is located in Tu Tra Commune, Don Duong District, Lam Dong Province, about 30 km away from Da Lat city center. This is a good location which is on the Lam Vien plateau with an area of 6,800 hectares beside Da Nhim River – a perfect and favorable area for the development of dairy farms.


The way to Dalat Milk Farm is quite easy. You can rent a car, a motorbike or take a taxi with one way about an hour. From Da Lat center lake (Xuan Huong Lake), you get in Ho Tung Mau Street and then Ba Thang Tu (3/4) Street. You go along 20 National Way crossing the Phi Nom crossroads, continue to run a distance on the highway to Bong Lai Fork and turn left. Going along Bong Lai Street and you will see signs Dalat Milk Farm located along the road until you reach the farm.

The map of Dalat milk farm

Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm is another farm near Dalat Milk Farm

On March 13, 2017, Vinamilk officially inaugurated the first European standard organic dairy farm in Vietnam. This is the second dairy farm in Lam Dong (the first dairy farm was in operation since 2012). This organic farm has a total investment of more than 200 billion of VND, with the original scale of more than 500 dairy cows.

In order to establish this farm, in the past 3 years, Vinamilk has built facilities and prepared land for grassland according to the organic standard. At the end of June 2016, Vinamilk received the international standard dairy herd (organic dairy cows) for Lam Dong farm. At the same time, the farm also uses power source from renewable biogas and solar energy; reducing greenhouse effect; creating friendly and fresh air, and environmental protection.

Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm

Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm

Regulations of visiting Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm

From July 2017, The Dalat organic dairy farm of Vinamilk Company will be opened to visitors free of charge every Saturday morning. Organic Milk Farm will welcome visitors to visit the organic dairy farm, not for tourism purpose, but for consumers to understand the closed organic production process from grassland to finished products.

Every Saturday morning, Organic Milk Farm only allow 50 guests visiting their farm, visitors have to register through the website of the company. Farm’s staffs will introduce to you the entire process of growing cows: organic breed, green forage, care, nourishment and healing according to the European organic standard.

Organic Milk Farm tour is designed from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. The visiting area is close to the breeding area, so it is necessary to put requirements of disease safety on the top priority. Visiting the farm, visitors are disinfected; wearing protective clothing (using boots, hats …).

The map of Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm

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