Dalat Star


History of Dalat Star

Dalat is a charming city with vast flowers gardens, winding mountain passes, Iushy green pine forests and amiable people. Many visitors to Dalat are so charmed by its beauty that they hesitate to leave after just one visit; many choose it as their second home. Trinh Thai Dung is one of those people. Leaving behind his managing position and a successful career in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest and wealthiest city in Vietnam, Dung came to Dalat to pursue his small but passionate dream. Coming to this land also means leaving with empty hands; he had to start everything from dust. He came to the east side of Tuyen Lam lake with a dream to create and express himself in this new land. Living with no power, no clean water and no means of transport is definitely a challenge to anybody; however, his passion and confidence in the ability to give earth a spirit have helped him overcome his difficulties. Furthermore, he has given a spirit to the lifeless clay of this land for establishing Dalat Star.

The gate of Dalat Star

The gate of Dalat Star

Overview of Dalat star

Passing many winding roads to find him, we are surprised by his effort in making this mountainous land to be a place to realize his dream – Dalat Star. The first surprise comes when a dyke decorated with an artwork came into view. It is a clay picture depicting the typical scenery of the Central Highlands mountains: some deer roaming on a grass land and a spring flowing nearby. The artist must be a true lover of nature to create such a spirit in this picture.

Dalat Star is the significant tourist site in Dalat

Dalat Star is the significant tourist site in Dalat

The clay house is highlight of Dalat Star

Following the path, we come to the cottage that he calls “the house of dream and love”. The house seems to express his love to the country. At the roof of the house is the map of Vietnam. “Fatherland always has The most important place in my heart. If Vietnam holds the key to my heart, it must have the top position in my work, a position that everyone can see and feel no matter how distant they are. I want everyone of us to keep Vietnam on his/her mind wherever he/she is,” Dung confides. Entering the house, we can feel the archaism and nostalgia in its decoration.

The Clay House

The Clay House

The house is small but comfortable with modern facilities. We are really impressed by its fireplace with the shape of a teapot. It reminds us of our childhood when we were sitting by the fire with the family, sipping hot tea in the coldness of Dalat winter. The most special thing in this house is the bed in the middle of a pool. Lying in bed you can watch the fish swimming in the water and the wild plants Dung brought home from the forest. lt is like lying in nature and living with nature. His table and chairs, bathtub, sink, etc. are all created from clay with his talented hands. His ”house of love” was recorded as “the first and biggest clay house with a Carved roof with Vietnam’s map” by Vietnam Record Organization in December 2012. He names this house “sweet garden”, a place for families because he wants everyone who comes here to feel the sweetness and coziness it brings and every family memberto feel happy when they stay here.

The bed in the clay house

A bed of the clay house

Choosing to be a “Robinson” of Dalat mountains away from a bustling city to give a spirit to the lifeless clay, Dung has spent a great deal of effort and money on this place. He has been trying to study and make his own formulas to create more clay projects. He is just beginning them and there are many things left to be completed. He is planning to build a house with frogs playing music and the longest sofa in Vietnam with specific milestones of Vietnam’s history along its length. Hopefully, his dreams will come true in the near future to give more spiritto Langbian highland and poetic Dalat.


Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam

Map of Dalat Star and the clay house

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