Da Lat tourist map online with GPS position

For using the full functionalities of Da Lat Map online for tourists & travellers, you should turn on GPS if your device has supported this feature Or accept to share your location on your browser. Once these things are through. It’s great! Da Lat Map Apps can define your current location (marked red) and show the best directions for you from/to anywhere as well as tourist attractions you prefer in Da Lat city, Vietnam.

Note for Da Lat map online

Your current location accuracy will be perfect if you turn on GPS locator. Due to the high mountainous terrain and Da Lat weather, sometimes GPS jamming leads to the displacement of some locations but only a few meters.

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  1. dalattrip, 8 years ago Reply

    Please note that you have to turn on GPS and Wifi on your phone or tablet in order to get exactly your position on Da Lat map

  2. Ho Lam, 9 years ago Reply

    useful map for tourist

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