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For using the full functionalities of Da Lat Map online for tourists & travellers, you should turn on GPS if your device has supported this feature Or accept to share your location on your browser. Once these things are through. It’s great! Da Lat Map Apps can define your current location (marked red) and show the best directions for you from/to anywhere as well as tourist attractions you prefer in Da Lat city, Vietnam.

Note for Da Lat map online

Your current location accuracy will be perfect if you turn on GPS locator. Due to the high mountainous terrain and Da Lat weather, sometimes GPS jamming leads to the displacement of some locations but only a few meters.

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ZooDoo Zoo Other Tourist Places 12.113262, 108.586650
Cu Lan Village Other Tourist Places 12.03378, 108.363624
Cu Lan Village Other Tourist Places 12.025968, 108.363707
Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park National Parks 12.022951, 108.435917
Langbiang Mountain Dalat Mountains 12.019698, 108.424416
Dankia Lake - Golden Stream Dalat Lakes 12.015983, 108.382101
Lat Vilage Other Tourist Places 12.013297, 108.424802
Forest Ghost Inn Other Tourist Places 12.010855, 108.347399
Golden Valley Dalat Lakes 12.005867, 108.380942
The Preserved Flower Showroom Other Tourist Places 11.981394, 108.453595
Valley of Love Dalat Lakes 11.977925, 108.44965
Dream Hill Other Tourist Places 11.977888, 108.447332
XQ Historical Village Other Tourist Places 11.977657, 108.447949
Biological Institute Dalat Monuments 11.972956, 108.421326
Linh Quang Pagoda (Oldest Pagoda of Dalat) Religious Architecture 11.957065, 108.4286
Than Tho Lake Dalat Lakes 11.955659, 108.477674
Dalat University Dalat Monuments 11.953937, 108.444242
Van Thanh Flower Village Other Tourist Places 11.951867, 108.397564
Linh Son Pagoda Religious Architecture 11.950117 108.436818
Dalat Flower Garden Other Tourist Places 11.950033, 108.449671
Tiger Cave Waterfall Dalat Waterfalls 11.949277, 108.548141
Domaine De Marie Church Religious Architecture 11.94882, 108.4303
Tran Le Xuan Palace Dalat Monuments 11.945897, 108.426336
Teacher's Training College Dalat Monuments 11.945488, 108.452858
Palace 1 Dalat Mountains 11.944721, 108.469627
Linh Phuoc Pagoda Religious Architecture 11.944511, 108.499517
Cam Ly church Religious Architecture 11.943885, 108.421952
Tourist Information Desk Transport Info 11.943253, 108.435864
Hoa Binh Center 11.943168, 108.435842
Dalat Market Shopping 11.942968, 108.436797
Historical Railway Station Dalat Monuments 11.941835, 108.454456
Cam Ly Waterfall Dalat Waterfalls 11.941593, 108.419223
Lamdong Ethnic Museum Other Tourist Places 11.940796, 108.459563
Xuan Huong Lake (Heart of Dalat) Dalat Lakes 11.940628, 108.439264
Palace of Nguyen Huu Hao Dalat Monuments 11.940029, 108.460456
Pavilion on Water Dalat Monuments 11.939956, 108.441925
Big C Supermarket Shopping 11.938429,108.4442 The Biggest Supermarket in Dalat city (Dalat Hypermarket)
Dalat Cadasa Resort (Chain of Ancient France Villas) Dalat Monuments 11.93814, 108.453491
Dalat Palace Hotel (Oldest Hotel of Dalat) Dalat Monuments 11.937279, 108.440756
The Cathedral of Dalat Religious Architecture 11.936261, 108.437741
Palace 2 (Governor Palace) Dalat Monuments 11.935778, 108.448083
Linh Phong Pagoda Religious Architecture 11.935253, 108.46467
Crazy House (Spider Web House) Other Tourist Places 11.934702, 108.430799
Hoa Son Dien Trang tourist site Other Tourist Places 11.934631, 108.376328
Minh Tam Flower Garden Other Tourist Places 11.933343, 108.457051
Dalat Magic Table Other Tourist Places 11.932083, 108.458896
Chinese Pagoda Religious Architecture 11.930845, 108.459542 Also called Thien Vuong Co Sat pagoda
Bao Dai Summer Palace Dalat Monuments 11.930719, 108.429866
Dalat Maple Leaf Other Tourist Places 11.928333, 108.452003
Dalat Bus Station Transport Info 11.927359,108.445723
Robin Hill (Cable Car) Dalat Mountains 11.923402, 108.443803
Truc Lam Zen Monastery Religious Architecture 11.903575, 108.433428
Datanla Waterfall Dalat Waterfalls 11.902207, 108.449178
Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat Lakes 11.8991, 108.433557
Elephant Mountain Dalat Mountains 11.887047, 108.427205
Clay Sculptures Tunnel Other Tourist Places 11.8831981, 108.40876379999997
Prenn Waterfall Dalat Waterfalls 11.876086, 108.470936
Tran Le Garden House Other Tourist Places 11.827581, 108.432461
Linh An Pagoda Religious Architecture 11.824762, 108.333714
Elephant Waterfall Dalat Waterfalls 11.823669, 108.33498
Silk Weaving Factory Other Tourist Places 11.823165, 108.336192
Dalat's Airport - Lien khuong Airport Transport Info 11.752336,108.372647
Dalat Milk Farm Other Tourist Places 11.739729, 108.437629
Pongour Waterfall Dalat Waterfalls 11.688465, 108.267075
Dambri Waterfall Dalat Waterfalls 11.640089, 107.741497

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    Please note that you have to turn on GPS and Wifi on your phone or tablet in order to get exactly your position on Da Lat map

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    useful map for tourist

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