Dan Kia Lake – Golden Stream


Overview of Dan Kia Lake – Golden Stream in Dalat

Dan Kia lake – Golden stream is located 17 km from Dalat city to the North – West which belongs to Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province.

History of Dan Kia lake

Before 1919, there were a lot of village of Lach and Chil people in Langbiang highland, in which the largest village was Dankia at Da Dong riverside. The origin of the word “Dan Kia” is Dang Ja which means thatching hill.

Dan Kia Lake in Dalat

Dan Kia Lake in Dalat

In the afternoon of June 21st 1893, after arriving current Dalat, Dr. Alexandre Yersin came to Dan Kia to stay for a night, then came back to Riong (Lam Ha district now).

After receiving letter of Doumer, on July 19th 1897, Dr. Alexandre Yersin suggested Lang Biang highland to found a place for resting and relaxing and he focused on Dan Kia.

Golden Stream Lake

Golden Stream Lake

Nowadays, when coming to Dan Kia lake – Golden stream, tourist can visit Golden valley, Ankroet waterfall, dam of Golden Stream and Dan Kia lake. Tourist can also see the overall view of Dan Kia lake – Golden stream when they reach Radar mountain top in Langbiang tourist site.

The map of Dan Kia Lake

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