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Safety Tips for Women to Travel Alone

A solo woman traveler always gets challenges of the soul and the physical. You will travel as a backpacker. When you do not have any companion, you will have the opportunity to do whatever you want. People often think that traveling alone is not safe for women. But that does not mean women cannot and should not travel alone. Let’s refer the secrets for women traveling alone with the funny and safe trip.

Safety Tips for Women to Travel Alone
Safety Tips for Women to Travel Alone

Arrival time of your flight is over midnight

Maybe your choice for the flight which is landed at 3 am will help you save a significant sum of money for your trip. But, do you really want to walk alone to find the hotel in a strange place at the night-time? Wandering on the road with bulky luggage in the dark is like you are informing to everyone that “I am a tourist and I go alone, no one to protect me.”

After a tiring flight hours, jet lag makes you feel the need to rest and adapt to the climate and time zone in tourist destinations. But the sky and crowded scene at the airport just make you feel lonely and flinch when the journey had barely begun. Let’s choose the flight landing in the daytime for safer trip and you can adjust the biological clock matching the destination.

You need a back-up plan

When you travel alone, plan A is not enough. You can completely have plan B, C, even plan Z if it’s necessary. You should never be forced into one plan, because in case the situation does not occur as your plan, you will lose the safety of yourself.

In order to prevent the case that you are robbed all your cash or credit card, we have a small tip is putting your money in a few pill bottles, nobody check your pill bottles to find money at all. At least, you can have help from that money in pill bottle. To prevent the loss of passport, you should send that important personal information in your e-mail address before travelling. So you still have sufficient information although you lost your paperwork.

Should not get sexy dressing

The comfortable dress is necessary when moving or visiting everywhere. But if you want to minimize attention from many men, the tip is dressing very casual and discreet. Also, you should pay attention to dressing style of local women and study their style to avoid observation and scrutiny from men.

Do not offer your hotel address to strangers

Of course, you would not talk to a man who you meet in the first time about hotel’s address you are staying in. In addition, you should pay attention to make sure the stranger do not see the information when you are filling out the required paperwork that says hotel’s address you’re staying in. Especially do not let others know you are alone. Avoid the danger from those who have no good intentions would be important for the perfect summer tour of the women.

Be careful of illegal taxi

The taxi driver must have his staff card to help you identify taxi driver if you get into danger situation. Using illegal taxi would be cheaper a significant amount of money, but your safety in a foreign country will be much more important. Many tourists have threatened, robbed and even kidnapped when they use illegal taxi with bad driver. For women traveling alone, you need to be more careful with the move on public transport, while it has only driver and you in car or bus.

Do not think other women are not dangerous

For solo women travelers in an unfamiliar place, there is a strange woman make a conversation, asking you about the country and your trip, it would make you feel safe and evoking the intimate sharing. However, there are many people who take advantage you, harm or push you falling into bad situations in a strange country. Men or women also are possible to harm you.

Visiting new places, talking to strangers to listen to the story of the land where you are traveling, telling about things that do not have any tour guide can tell or sharing of the people from all over the world must be one of the interesting things for summer trip. But safety is still the top priority. Please carefully consider intimate level, especially in the first meeting.

Do not open the door immediately when hearing a knock

Whether the door knocker is a maintenance staff, cleaning staff or housekeeper, but if you do not ask in advance, you do not open immediately. Instead, let’s check through peephole or call the receptionist to verify before you decide to open or not. Alone in your hotel room in a foreign country, you have to take every precaution with the little things around, especially for those who know you are staying alone.

Using food and drink from the stranger

Comfortable Western experiences as getting drunk in the party, going to picnic outside with strange people or eating food with unfamiliar people are very interesting. But, let’s think about the possibilities of this food and drinks are added something or not?  Beware cases of you are robbed, kidnapped or harmed by sleeping pills mixed in food or beverages with attractive colors.

Do not wear a lot of jewelry

You should make up beautifully to have nice photos of tourist destinations, fashion or simply matching clothes which are elaborately prepared is thing any woman expects. But you surely do not want to become a target for robbers when you wear too much sparkling and expensive jewelry, right? Let’s try to combine the simple jewelry but unique and nice, so you are always radiant and beautiful in a memorable trip.

There are thousands of reasons for women to have a solo trip once in a lifetime. You go, you fly, you dance… you would come to breathe in a new world, a free and extremely beautiful trip. You can admire the wonderful moments that books cannot portray. You can taste special dishes that professional chef in five-star restaurants would not be able to do exactly the same. You only study rules of the destination, remember the accidents may occur to prevent and start happily your solo trip.

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