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Ta Cu mountain and the biggest reclining Buddha statue of Vietnam

Ta Cu Mountain in Phan Thiet belongs to Ta Cu tourist site which attracts a lot of tourists come here to explore and take part in recreational games. On the top of the mountain, there is a sacred Buddhist pagoda with the name Linh Son Truong Tho pagoda for the Buddhists pilgrims and tourists come to visit and worship daily. Currently, this is the most famous tourist site in Phan Thiet.

the biggest reclining Buddha statue of Vietnam
the biggest reclining Buddha statue of Vietnam


Ta Cu Mountain is located in Tan Lap Commune, Ham Thuan, Binh Thuan province; it is about 30 km to the southeast of Phan Thiet City.

Ta Cu Mountain is located at the focal point of the roads: tourist can start from Ho Chi Minh City or from Vung Tau city passing Binh Chau hot springs, Thay Thim temple, Ke Ga… It is very convenient for ecotourism visitors and the pilgrim. From Ho Chi Minh city, you go on Highway 1A with a distance about 170 km and stop at kilometer 28 from Phan Thiet, you turn right toward the beach direction about 2 km for reaching the foot of Ta Cu Mountain. This place is associated with historical and cultural spot of Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda with ancient colors, located in the middle of the rolling mountain, forest and cloud. Tourists will be surprised when standing in front of the ancient pagoda, the big reclining Buddha statue and spiritual point of pagoda’s creator over 130 years ago.

Ta Cu Mountain
Ta Cu Mountain

How to go up Ta Cu Mountain

There are two ways to go up the mountain. One is along the 1,000 steps; it takes approximately 1 day to walk up the mountain trail. This option is for the adventurous tourist with good health and having plans to sleep on the mountain.

The second way is very fast taking only 15 minutes to stay on the top of the mountain. The convenient option is cable car. Sitting on the cable car, in addition to save time and health, tourists can enjoy the feeling of surfing on the green tree top and red flower of arrowroot. Somewhere in the air are flower fragrance, birds singing and the sea breeze blowing slightly.

Cable car of Ta Cu Mountain
Cable car of Ta Cu Mountain

The beauty of Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu Mountain is a national nature protected areas of Vietnam with rich flora and fauna, dozens of rare species listed in the Red Book of the world as: rock lizard Gekko takouensis sp. nov. Ngo & Gamble, lizard Cyrtodactylus takouensis Ngo & Bauer, grouse, mountain hawk-eagle, langur silver CTS, douc black … Precious trees such as: Afzelia trees xylocarpa, Irvingia malayana … and over 150 medicinal plants. In the spring, the yellow apricot and red flower bloom out with fragrance spreading whole forest, streams on the mountain flow down with clean water beside the rock and its sweet taste makes the pilgrim think to be drink nectar in the legend.

If walking up the mountain, tourists have to climb thousands of stone steps on winding trail, through leaves of forest to reach Long Doan pagoda and To pagoda. Area of Linh Son Truong Tho pagoda is located on halfway up the mountain at an altitude of 420 m above sea level, in harmony with nature picture is associated with the rocks, streams and Buddha statues are located in the between of quiet forest. Standing in the shadow of big trees (thousands of years) and looking to the east, tourist can see the small island Hon Ba of La Gi in the vast sea.

The way up the mountain is over 2,500 m long, crossing many steep distances with many impressive landmarks. The first distance has Ban Ha rock and Ban Thuong rock and someone called Ong Dia rock, beside that area having a stream flow at the foot of huge rock worshiping the Saturn god. The higher distance, the slope is more intense. It is the time to meet Lagerstroemia slope because around here there are many Lagerstroemia trees with purple flowers blooming over a forest angle. The next is Yen Ngua slope followed with a flat and big rock as a bed lying beside a stream which is called Fairy well reminding visitors imagine an unfinished chessboard of gods still save mark.

Peaceful pagodas with the biggest reclining Buddha statue of Vietnam

The system of pagodas was built based on the ridge, so all of pagodas are facing to the southeast. Featuring architecture of pagoda follow common Mahayana, thought undergoing a lot of times for restoration but they still retain the old distinctions with curved roof tile and dragons flanking a moon was covered by a thick layer of moss along with the time. The mantras in an amulet circle were carved on the cliff behind To pagoda showing up traces of esoteric sects.

The sacred and quiet landscapes have three statues of Buddha Amitabha (7 m), Guan Yin and Mahasthamaprapta (6.5 m) is currently one of the seven levels of peaceful ashrams under Amitabha by abbot Thich Vinh Tho sketched from 1960. White color of limestone statue in the green color of trees makes supernatural beauty. In the early morning, fog shrouded as mixing into the granite layer in the atmosphere of reality and dream.

Leaving the cable car, walking about 100 stairs more, a vast blue sea water stretching into the horizon as the connection of Ke Ga lighthouse wich lasted many years of contemplation, looming roofs, curved paths are in front of the traveler … On the mountain, visitors can admire a series of statues, the most impressive statue is reclining Buddha statue 49m long and 11m high. People come here for visiting and praying.

At the foot of the reclining Buddha statue has a cave, the entrance very narrow just enough for one person go in. The entrance has a big and flat rock where the first abbot stepped in the establishment time of the temple. In the cave, the murky darkness seems to be endless with the cold rocks.

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