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A wow to do list for relaxation to yoga breathing in Vietnam
December 7, 2018

A wow to do list for relaxation to yoga breathing in Vietnam

Breathing exercises were an important part of yoga plays a significant role n one’s daily life. Yoga has turned out to be tremendously mainstream in Vietnam and is developing progress very quickly around the world. The Vietnamese are known to be eager to practice yoga and they considered yoga as are conscious of their health...
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the flight is different from other types of travel
November 27, 2018

Which medicines you cannot use when you take the plane?

Birth control pills, antihistamines, and hormone-modifying drugs, when exposed to high-pressure cabin conditions, lack of movement and oxygen deficiency can cause potential harm. Nowadays airplanes become more popular Every day, more than 10 million people move between areas of the world by plane. In general, aircraft are a safe means of transportation with little risk....
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Seats by the window
November 26, 2018

7 tips are recommended by frequent airline passengers

Today, airplanes are considered one of the most popular means of transport for travelers. It is by not only the convenience and speed, but also the services and experiences of being immense into the blue sky. Here are the experiences for some small details that if you pay attention, you will have the most pleasant...
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Economy class seat often has small space
October 30, 2018

How to sleep comfortably in plane with economy class cabin

You should use a blanket or pillow to sleep comfortably and avoid cold because the body temperature decreases when you sleep. With business or first class seats, you can easily get a good rest and sleep, because the upper cabin is usually quiet and spacious. However, if you sit in economy class cabin – there...
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April 22, 2018

10 Vietnamese special dishes were called…”Death”

Vietnam has special dishes which are very strange and dangerous. For various reasons, “Death” always stalks the diners when enjoying the dishes introduced to many visitors are Vietnamese specialties. If the processing is not proper, some dishes can cause food poisoning for the diners, the victim may have to get hospitalization or death in serious...
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Mud bath in Nha Trang
October 17, 2015

To experience the mud bath In Nha Trang

Besides the sea, Nha Trang also has a special resource is that mud and hot mineral water, is considered good for the human health. What is a mud bath? Mud bath is soaking in a bath containing mineral mud. Mineral mud is a natural mud formed from the change of geology, mineral mud derived from...
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jet lag is an obsession for long travels
June 22, 2015

Tips to help you reduce jet lag when traveling by airplane

One of the fastest transportation and save time for your trip is the airplane. But for those traveling far away with long hours on the plane, especially to other locations timezone, feeling jet lag can make you tired and discomfort for several days afterwards. Your trip can become less happy. I am pleased to share...
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footwear for the coastal beach
May 14, 2015

Necessary items for your trip to the beach

In order to prepare for the trip to the beach which will be funny and good for your health, you should equip with knowledge and experiences of travelling to the beach. Therefore, the list of baggage items which should be prepared in advance will help you and your family to save the time, the effort...
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Seasickness of tourists
April 20, 2015

Accidents often happen to tourists at the beach

Sunburn, seasickness, cramps or bites of jellyfish are incidents which almost tourists are suffered in their vacation at the beach. In order to have you safe trip, in addition to careful preparation before going, you need to pay attention to the time even when you play on the shore or swim in blue seawater. Problems...
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