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April 27, 2015

The unique features of Hue’s cuisine

Hue ancient capital of Vietnam is very romantic with clever and talent people who has created a colorful culinary culture characteristic, when telling about it, one of us must also wish to enjoy more than once. The thickness of history and the depth of culture is the cradle put Hue’s cuisine became especially popular in both domestic and foreign.


First, Hue’s cuisine has strong and clear taste. Over many centuries of accumulating humanistic elements of all country, Hue’s cuisine contains a full taste of all regions, salty, sweet, fat, fleshy, sour, acrid, bitter, spicy. Hue people like all taste, but every taste is separate. The rich and strong flavors create featured dishes in Hue.

Hue sweet soup - Che Hue
Hue sweet soup – Che Hue


Hue’s cuisine is colorful, with mixed attractive flavors. Colour elements keep function combine colour for Hue’s dishes, meticulous but correct, a little of everything  but hides a lot of meticulous and patient factors.

the cooked rice of King
the cooked rice of King


Hue’s cuisine is focused on the form shown in the decoration of dishes. Food is  beautifully decorated which will increasing new attraction for people. Such as “the dragon fig salad”, “cong – phung pork”, rice is cooked with lotus … All of them are decorated with vegetables which is trimmed into artwork by chef.

In addition, the form is paid attention in the picky of dishes, each dish has a matching bowl and plate. Dishes have to be beautiful and luxurious. If you eat mussel rice, people set in clay bowl. When people eat “beo cake”, they use tiny and thin bowls. articularly, lotus seed sweet soup, they put lotus seeds in longan, “ngu” bean sweet soup is served in luxury porcelain bowls.

The picky is showed in choosing ingredients carefully at each step of processing, whether rustic dishes or noble.

colorful dishes of Hue
colorful dishes of Hue

The rule of yin and yang balance

Hue cuisine is cooked in accordance with the rule of yin and yang balance, harmonization of cold and hot materials, example duck, mussels, snails (cold) are cooked with ginger (hot), boiled meat served with banana, sour star fruit, fig …

Vegetarian foods
Vegetarian foods

We can sort of Hue cuisine as follows: normal dishes, vegetarian food dishes, soup and rice soup dishes, fish sauce and salty vegetable dishes, spring rolls, salty cakes, sweet cakes, the jam, medicinal dishes, royal dishes.


According to old books, Hue have over 1300 dishes and is also retained in local people of 700 dishes. Meanwhile, according to researcher Tran Dinh Gian, Vietnam has only a total of 1,700 dishes. This showed how rich Hue’s cuisine is.

Ram It Cake
Ram It Cake

Hue dishes is not only delicious in tastes, but nice in the form which is attractive your eye, smell fragrant for nose, cravings feeling, the fascinated sound for ear, curious, that mean you eat by the senses. The harmony of color, taste and harmony of sounds, yin and yang, hot – cold, layout of cups, chopsticks, bowls, plates … is in natural harmony, that is culture of Hue cuisine .

the cooked rice of hades
the cooked rice of hades

Hue cuisine is delicious, simple, rich, flavor, containing smell and tastes of farming products, lagoons, mountains and rivers … of the ancient capital.

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