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November 16, 2018

Things you should do when an earthquake occurs in place you are traveling

No one likes to encounter disasters during their holidays. However, the truth is there are many risks that can happen to you, especially earthquakes – disasters, which geologists cannot predict.

Things you should do when an earthquake occurs in place you are traveling
Things you should do when an earthquake occurs in place you are traveling

Preparation before the trip will help you a lot

Before traveling, you should find out your destinations have ever had earthquake before and how much damage was happened.

Earthquakes are occurring all over the world, especially in Pacific countries such as Japan, China, Indonesia and Chile.

If you are traveling to a developing country, where buildings are not designed to deal with earthquakes, you must be prepared more carefully.

You can subscribe to the USGS earthquake notification service and request to send text messages to your mobile phone. However, you need to make sure your phone is operating at your destination.

You should bring a list of emergency contacts such as emergency, hospital, embassy or consulate. If you do not know the local language of the place, bring a list of words and phrases in local language related to the emergency.

Observe the exits at the hotel

When you arrive your hotel, look at the hotel room to find an appropriate position to take refuge in the case of an earthquake. Normally, the safe places are solid walls with no windows, under hard furniture as the desk, under the bed.

In addition, you should plan your evacuation route from the hotel to a safer place after the earthquake and try to move to a higher location if you are near the ocean because of the tsunami. Always carry a spare charger and have your phone battery-full to make emergency calls.

when an earthquake occurs in place you are traveling
when an earthquake occurs in place you are traveling

Quick response when earthquakes occur

If you are inside the hotel

When an earthquake is happened, look for shelter under the table and stay calm until the ground stops shaking. If you do not have a table, sit near solid walls; cover your head and neck with your hands. Keep away from windows, glass doors and overhead cabinets containing furniture.

Do not try to go out until the earthquake ends because the debris falling from outside the building can be dangerous to you.

If you are lying on a bed, lie still and use a pillow to protect your head. However, if the bed is next to the window or next to the shelf or cabinet, move out immediately.

If you are outside of hotel

If you are outside or on the way, stay away from buildings to avoid injury due to broken furniture and shards, away from electrical wires and trees. Choose a safe location to stay until the earthquake is over.

If you are driving, stop the car and stay in the car. Do not stop under bridges or wires; try to stay away from buildings and trees.

After the earthquake

After the earthquake, pay closely attention to the news, especially the tsunami warning. If you are near the ocean or are suspicious, immediately evacuate to an higher area at least 15 meters above sea level and remain there. You only have about 20 to 30 minutes to get out of the tsunami zone.

In addition, you should be prepared to deal with aftershocks. Some of the aftershocks are comparable to the first earthquake and can cause buildings to collapse completely.

Other notes

If you smell gas, lock the valve or leave as soon as possible. Turn off the power at the fuse if you see the plugs, wires break or sparks. Do not touch the damaged wires.

At this time, you can call the emergency number, embassy or hotline to report your location and status. Do not use regularly your phone unless you need emergency help.

Wear your shoes to protect your feet from broken glass. If you need to open the cabinet, be careful because earthquakes can cause glass to crack and fall down on you.

Do not forget to clean up any explosives or dangerous material, do not use the stove for cooking, do not eat or drink in containers that open the lid if you see broken glass nearby.

Do not drink tap water, unless you know it is not contaminated. Help people around you by calling for help, not moving victims were seriously injured.

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