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June 22, 2015

Tips to help you reduce jet lag when traveling by airplane

One of the fastest transportation and save time for your trip is the airplane. But for those traveling far away with long hours on the plane, especially to other locations timezone, feeling jet lag can make you tired and discomfort for several days afterwards. Your trip can become less happy. I am pleased to share these tips on recovery after jet lag.

Symptoms of jet lag are your biological clock will be stalked, and your body will experience stress caused by changes in air pressure when you are moving. If you face the jet lag, you will feel very drowsy, fatigue, irritability, lethargy and slightly disoriented.

jet lag is an obsession for long travels
jet lag is an obsession for long travels

Your body needs fresh water

Fly incredibly easy to make the skin lose water because dry air on the plane. Humidity around 20% and the air is recirculated in the cabin. This means the air is forced to suck up moisture wherever possible, including from skin. If you have dry skin, it will become dry, and if your skin is oily, you will be more prone to pimples because the skin will secrete more oil to compensate for the sudden loss of water.

Especially in the hot days of summer tour like this, you need to add water to avoid fatigue due to lack of water. Continuous addition of water on the flight as well as from the day before your flight so that the body is relaxed after the flight.

Frequently moving yourself

Most of the flight time, you have to sit fixed somewhere. This makes the body moss and tired after the flight. So, you try to move around the cabin during the flight by walking up and down the aisles.

Try to keep yourself awake

Try to keep yourself awake while moving to where the different time zone. If you feel sleepy after a long flight, try to resist that feeling. Despite the fact that, after a flight, you want to have a sleep to regain power over anything. By bedtime on sleep time of the new time zone, you will rebalance faster and quickly filled feeling groggy from jet lag.

Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol

Alcohol will cause your body to lose more water, and though caffeine does not cause dehydration, but it will make you urinate and is the cause of dehydration. Do not read or watch movies. Instead, you try your best to sleep during the flight. Your skin will slowly recover and regenerate during sleep. A long flight will quickly pass as you sleep. Upon awakening you will see much more relaxed spirit, intoxication plane not too bothersome. So you have enough energy for your tour.

Exfoliating dead skin

As soon as you come to the next location (hotel, motel), wash your face and use the cleanser. Avoid cleansers that have natural grains like apricot seed, walnuts and almonds, as it can make skin itchy and harm. Instead, we should use polietilen, jojoba beads or micro beads. By bleaching away the dead skin cells, you will feel your body more gentle and relaxed. the jet lag will soften after you do this.

Reset the biological clock

Stand under the sun (remember ensure your eye and skin protection) from 10 to 15 minutes, so you can soak up a good amount of light for health. This will help you establish the biological clock and keep you from feeling sleepy during the day. The adjustment of the biological clock to help you adapt to these activities, habitat where you travel. You do not want to skip the attractive tourist activities in the tour because of sleepiness in the sunny day, right?

One of the ways makes you calm spirit to adjust your biological clock is adjusted according wristwatch’s time zone where you are traveling. Thus, every time you looked at the clock will gradually adapt to the time zone difference.

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