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What you need to know about Hoa Binh Tourism

Located not far from Hanoi, Hoa Binh travel will be a gentle experience and no less attractive for you during the weekend. If you do not have experience in Hoa Binh tourism, let Dalat Trip share the most important and useful information for your trip.

Hoa Binh Location

Hoa Binh is a mountainous province in the north-west of Vietnam, located in the South of the North, bounded at latitude 20 ° 19 ‘- 21 ° 08’ N, 104 ° 48 ‘- 105 ° 40’ East of the city, the capital city of Hoa Binh is located 73 km from the center of Hanoi.


Travel to Hoa Binh
Travel to Hoa Binh

Which time to Hoa Binh the most beautiful

With a variety of attractions, visitors can travel to Hoa Binh at any time of the year. On hot summer days, you can go to Mai Chau or Thung Nai to enjoy fresh air and cool. If you want to see the scenery of Hoa Binh Hydropower discharge white water, you should come in the rainy season.

How to go Hoa Binh City

Only 73km from Hanoi, Hoa Binh is a suitable destination for you on the weekend. You can use the bus or hire a motorbike to get to Hoa Binh Lake from Hanoi. If you take a bus then you should go to My Dinh or Yen Nghia bus station.


Since the distance is quite close to Hanoi, except for Lung Van, Mai Chau and Thung Nai most of the places to visit in Hoa Binh, you can go and return in the day. However, if you want to spend the night in Hoa Binh City, there are also many accommodation for you to choose.  If the purpose of the trip is to discover Mai Chau, you can easily find homestay in  Lac village, Pom Coong village … The stilt house here is very clean and full of blankets and cushions. The outside of the stilts house also sells many brocade products at relatively cheap prices. In the Thung Nai area, you can stay at two lodges, Coconut Island and Windmill at affordable prices.

Lac village
Lac village


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Cá Nướng Sông Đà (Grilled Fish Da River): With the rich taste of salt mixed with the taste of banana leaves, fresh bamboo, grilled fish The Da River has an irresistible charm. The taste of this dish makes visitors more unforgettable when combined with Com Lam (Bamboo rice)

Măng chua nấu thịt gà (Sour bamboo shoots cooked chicken): Lac Son chicken is considered to be the best because they live on limestone mountains and drink water from the Buoi River, so the meat is fragrant and tough. Lac Son chicken is an important raw material for processing specialty sour bamboo shoots that any tourists when traveling to Hoa Binh want to enjoy.

Măng đắng nướng (Grilled Bitter bamboo shoots): The sweet taste of salt, the sweet bitterness of bamboo shoots, the warm spices of ginger leaves, spicy chili peppers along with the flavor of grilled bamboo shoots and sour bamboo shoots, all together into a mesmerizing dish.

Chả cuốn lá bưởi(Grapefruit leaves Spring roll): It is a dish that you will probably only find in Hoa Binh. Grilled meat not only hunts but also sweet and aroma. The taste that makes each diner when enjoying can not be forgotten.

Thung Nai
Thung Nai

Sight seeing

Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant: Far from Hoa Binh city center is only about 3.8 km, Hoa Binh hydroelectric power plant located across the Da river is the first place you should explore when traveling to Hoa Binh.This is the electricity and fress water supply for the provinces in the North of Vietnam.

Thung Khe Pass: Covered by a foggy haze, Thung Khe is a challenging pass that many enthusiasts tourist love it. The more White Stone Pass because after opening the road, white limestone rocks erased a cliff, the distance can be seen. Thung Khe Pass winds through the low mountains, the landscape changes constantly with mountain slope and endless green valleys, peaceful village peace. Slopes down toward Mai Chau and the end pass at Tong Dau crossroads. Before that, you can admire the beautiful Mai Chau from the pass.

Mo Luong Cave, Chieu Cave: With stalactites thousands of years old, these are two large and unique cave complex in Mai Chau. Mo Luong Cave is a natural cave in limestone karsts, undergoing the erosion process of limestone erosion forming beautiful stalactites. Mo Luong is located in a valley with beautiful scenery by mountains, forests, streams and villages of poetic. So Mo Luong Cave is a kind of cave sights. It nice place to go.

Mai Chau valley
Mai Chau valley

Lac Village, Poom Village: The largest and most crowded tourist village in Mai Chau is a great place for you to discover the life and culture and festivals of Mai Chau people. Here, you can also buy souvenirs as gifts to relatives after the trip.

Lung Van: The roof of the Muong, Lung Van around the year with cloud cover blinds make the scene here brings a beauty like paradise heaven. The life and scenery in Lung Van is very wild. If you intend to travel here, you should have prepared food to carry because there are not so many restaurants as in other destinations in Hoa Binh.

Kim Boi Hot Spring: It is a place that many visitors are interested in and find out by the hot mineral springs of Kim Boi Spring which has a very stable temperature and contains many minerals, not only have good health but also good effect. In the treatment of diseases of blood pressure, stomach and joints. In addition, Lac Hong Investment Joint Stock Company officially launches the Serena Resort, Kim Boi Hot Spring Resort, on the banks of the Boi River, promising to create a new breakthrough in luxury tourism for Hoa Binh province.

Tu Son waterfall: A fun and exciting point with 9 streams with nine beautiful and beauty diversity, rich in terrain.

Dong Thech ancient grave: In the midst of the mountains of the Northwest, the cold and unholy Copper Tomb is covered by a mysterious curtain that always provokes a curiosity for any visitor who comes here.

Wish you have a fun and exciting trip from the travel experience of Hoa Binh from Dalat Trip.

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