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Formation of Bobla waterfall in Dalat

Bobla waterfall (Bo Bla) ou une cascade Lien barrage est situé dans Lien Dam commune, 6km du centre-ville du district de Di Linh, côté de la route nationale 20. La cascade se trouve sur flux Da Ream. It is around 20m wide and 55m high and the white stream flows down onto a deep abyss reflecting its image amidst the blue sky and the plantation of tea and coffee trees.

Beside, we can see a small lake with many pieces of big rocks like the tables of heavens and ancient-trees which give the shade for the place.

Bobla waterfall

Bobla waterfall

Legend story of Bobla falls

According to Sre minority people, dans l'ancien temps, under the domination of the Cham, the local people had to offer the natural products like animal leathers, rhino horns, deer horns and especially the elephant tusks for them, of the products, there was a big and high pair of elephant tusks. The king of Cham was so happy because of the product so he gave the name Bobla to the region and the waterfall. According to Kho dialect, Bo means Head and Bla means Tusk.

Lien Dam is changed when pronouncing from Liang Dam which is the name of a talented man. He saved the local people here from Cham people.

Actuellement, Bobla waterfall has been managed by Dalat Toserco. The company built the parking, internal road to go down the fall and other items.

The map of Bobla Waterfall

Beetle Waterfall
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