fille Dalat dans les légumes frais robe

13 août 2012.

Une fille Dalat en robe conçue à partir des feuilles de laitue fraîche, debout dans le centre du marché de Da Lat avec son groupe offrent gratuitement des légumes frais avec le message “Mange des légumes, s'il vous plaît ne pas tuer les animaux.”

Le travail du groupe complètement spontanée, silently silently. But the presence of the young woman in gown with fresh vegetables attract the attention of hundreds of people.

Dalat Green Girl

Dalat Fille verte – Many gifts are vegetables from the group called for vegetarians

Pham Trieu Chinhname of thisgreensgirl, 24 âgé – recently received a bachelor of Culture from Dalat University. She is initiative to calling vegetarian from her student group.

She said this idea of ​​the work group was formed to find the murder langurs appeared on the Internet and information on the rare species of animals hunted, butchered and more.

The purpose of this activity is to create awareness and urging people to eat more vegetables and vegetarian food instead of meat, do not kill animals in order to have a good health and healthy living environment” , Chinh said.

Dalat Girls

Dalat Girlsvegetarian together and protect animals

To prepare for the promotion took place more than half an hour last week, Chinh and her team has to spend a lot of time, during a sleepless night to make dresses from the fresh green lettuce leaf of Dalat. 50 kg of vegetables are prepared to bring free for pedestrians.

Chinh had gone to Dalat’s vegetables plantations to present her ideas and proposals supported by vegetables growers for cheap or sales. Finally she raised 50 kg of vegetables.

They carry the slogan: “Eat plenty of vegetables, do not kill the animals”, “vegetarian positive” … standing between Dalat central market to generate free. And they seem to have successfully conveyed the message offasting”.

Dalat Lettuce Girl

Dalat Lettuce Girl

Many curious people gathered to see and photograph the girls in dress with fresh vegetables. “I like to eat vegetables, and eat more vegetables than meat after the meanings of the students,” Mlle. Phuoc live near Dalat University, dit.

By Quoc Dung – Traduit par Phong Nguyen

fille Dalat dans les légumes frais robe
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