La vie des gens Lach ethniques dans les années 1950

14 novembre 2012.

Les images d'une valeur de l'ethnie Lach qui vivaient dans le pays d'aujourd'hui Da Lat ont été enregistrées exactement 60 il y a des années par le photographe amateur M.. Le Phi (82 âgé, actuellement résidant à Hai Ba Trung rue, Da Lat).

M. Phi said that Lach ethnic people were the first ethnic minority group lived in Dalatstill living in the outskirt of Dalat center today. Every day, they gone hunting, cutting firewood and brought it to Dalat center for selling or exchange the foods.

À ce moment-là, the Lach men and Lach have no dressing, it’s normal. They could freely drop their eyes for watching each other’s body.

Every afternoon, the headwater streams of Xuan Huong Lake today were busy in laughter, teasing girls and boys. They took a bath together innocently as the children up 3 without mind that they were naked.

Dalattrip would like to introduce some images about life of the Lach ethnic people in 1950s by photographer Le Phi.


La source: Kien Thuc. Translated by Phong Nguyen

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