Linh Phong Pagoda


Records of Linh Phong pagoda in Dalat

Formerly, it was a small Buddhist temple built in 1944 by Buddhist monk Thich Bich Nguyen. In 1948 – 1962, it was rebuilt by the Budhist Nun Thich Nu Tu Huong from Dieu An pagoda – Danang city.

Linh Phong Pagoda

Linh Phong Pagoda

The main temple is the place for the statue of A Di Da Buddhist (carved in 1949) with the height of 1.8m. On the two sides are the copper statues of Quan The Am and Dai The Chi Buddhists. At the rear of the statues, we can see the place for worshipping Dat Ma.

Surrounding, there are two big houses for welcoming visitors, staying and studying.

Source: Book about Vestiges and landscapes of Lamdong province.

Linh Phong pagoda is located at 72C Hoang Hoa Tham street, on a deserted area surrounded with hills.

The map of Linh Phong pagoda

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