Madagui Forest Resort


Madagui Forest Resort is really a natural resort


Located on National Route No.20, about 152 kilometers North of Ho Chi Minh city and 148 km South of Dalat city, Madagui Forest Resort is considered an ideal place for people from cities. With an altitude of from 150 to 500 meter above sea level, Madagui Forest Resort has been a fantastic destination thanks to its ideal climate and natural forest landscapes which are rich in green trees and has wonderful system of caves.

Overview of Madagui forest

Madagui is a forestry resort with airy spaces, with legendary Da Huoai river flowing across. This primeval forest has still been reserved as if it were not influenced by pollution and noises of busy city life. Madagui Forest Resort is really a natural resort for all tourists. Coming to Madagui resort, you will be surprised by a completely different world full of bird sounds. All these make you fully relaxed amid the nature where no noise or bustle signs of city life exist; what you can perceive is peaceful feelings as if you were home after a very long time. Our villas, whose name are not so hard to remember, are simply named after natural things, such as Banana, Papaya, Guava, Carambola, Sapodilla, Casava, Cherimoya, Mango, Avocado, Pomelo, Cainito. However, all of them are constructed and well-equipped, being equal to 3 to 5-star standard hotels in order to provide best services for our guests.

madagui forest

madagui forest

Activities at Madagui Forest Resort

Madagui Forest Resort will surely bring you pleasurable feelings when you travel across the forest by special vehicles. How wonderful it is to pass a hard path in the forest! From a car, you will see monkeys or deer on their way to find food. The first challenge is to pass bends of the paths to travel to open-air caves. As you go on, you will travel to Nui Saint Cave. Each cave of the resort has its own legendary story about Madagui forest which is the homeland of Ma ethnic minority people, whose legend is famous for Yang Ndu Saint – the most powerful saint to protect the Ma people’s villages and jungles. During the journey, tourists will have chances to conquer Tu Than cave, to discover Thay, Tien, Tung, Thien Phuc Son Dong caves, and to enjoy your time at sacred and mysterious Mountain Saint Park.

It seems that Madagui is a gift of nature to human beings. Besides natural landscapes, the resort has also created many exciting things to serve tourists coming here. Travelers can experience their time on the river by wooden boats to discover the feelings of old people overcoming challenges in Da Huoai river which has two distinguished currents: a clear current and a dusty current; the currents are peaceful at some places and dangerous at slopes, particularly after heavy rains in jungles. However, even in rainy days or in sunny days, tourists will still be able to take part in one of the most exciting activities of Vietnam: crossing the river by steam boats. If you love the film entitled “Dat Phuong Nam” (The Southern land) with a scene of fishing crocodiles, you will be pleased with your time with this activity at Madagui resort without traveling to Ca Mau or other South western provinces.

Madagui Forest Resort

Madagui Forest Resort

Have you ever tried to have a feeling with a gun for fighting in a battle? Take your chance with our ‘paint gun entertainment’. Victory is just for those who have ability and intelligence. There will be no injuries in each paint gun fighting; it is just a helpful practice for your judgment and good solution to overcome challenges and to strengthen solidarity. The most meaningful gift that Madagui Resort would like to present is your relaxing time with nature, participating outside activities, and strengthening your solidarity.

Take a rest at Muong Xanh or Yellow Tra My restaurants to regain your energy when you feel exhausted. You surely will enjoy dishes with river fish and wild vegetables, such as nip, Tau U, wild fruits and Tren, Lang fish, eels, etc. That is our Madagui menu that you may never see in any restaurants in other cities.

Also, there are many other exciting things for you to discover at Madagui Forest Resort: the nature, forest, culture and people, etc. Let’s open a new page of your life at Madagui Resort and throw away all your daily business when coming with us. We are ready to welcome all of you.

Map of Madagui

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  1. Mr.Lubos, 10 years ago Reply

    Please,can you recommend to me and send me, ho to get by bus to Madagui Resort? We are 2 adults + 2 kids.
    Thank you,Lubos

    • DALAT TRIP TEAM, 10 years ago Reply

      Hi Lubos,
      Madagui Forest Resort is located near the main road from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh city, so you can catch the intercity bus (Phuong Trang bus or Thanh Buoi bus) of route Dalat – Ho Chi Minh, and request them drop you off Madagui Resort.

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