Прикрепление к парчи-ткацкого ремесла в Далат сельской местности

5 июня 2017.

Мы пришли к K Длинные парчи ткацкой деревни, Коммуна Хиеп, Чонг район, когда дождь лил, а потом вдруг утих. Несмотря на то, что это не туризм, пик сезона, при въезде в село, туристические фургоны все еще приходят в эту маленькую деревню. Может быть, для туристов, история традиционной парчи плетения всегда предмет новизны, originality, and something special in the middle of the legendary highlands.

For K’Ho people, weaving is considered acriterionfor women when they want to get married

K’Long rain in the afternoon is not heavy From afar Elephant Mountain is sleepy in the clouds. At the entrance of the village, a group of Russian tourists stop at the brocade stand. Миз. Ka Dong a woman of more than 20 лет’ experience in brocade weaving, both weaves and speaks invery sweetEnglish Hi! Where are you from? Can I help you? затем, holding handkerchiefs and handbags made by herself, Миз. Ka Dong continues the conversation and receives joyful responses from the guests coming from Europe. In this emotional state she shares with us: tourists to our village in addition to hearing about the customary laws of the indigenous people, the legend of the 9-spur rooster, the brocade weaving craft is still an endless inspirational source for them. In her opinion, brocade weaving of K’Long village had existed long ago. For K’Ho people, weaving is considered acriterionfor women when they want to get married. Although now is not the golden age, K Long village still has 20 weaving looms and many women are passionate about this craft.

парча-плетение ремесла в Далате сельской местности

парча-плетение ремесла в Далате сельской местности

There are lots of tourists to K’Long village

With their calm and deliberate speed, the women in K’Long village have sent their hearts and minds through such products as dresses, skirts scarves and bags with eye-catching patterns. To our understanding, K’Ho brocade weaving loom is made of bamboo, wood and for a worker, usually not fixed in one place. Patterns on woven products are diamonds, with simple but beautiful hemlines. The main colors are black and dark blue. Depending on the material and the sophistication of the decorative pattern, the price of each product is different. There are scarves that cost only tens of thousands of VND but there are also scarves sold for millions of VND Through years of attaching to this craft, weaving brocade is nowabsorbedin Ms. Ka Dong as a default of life. While working, she explains to us the advantages of the traditional brocade products of her people: “There are lots of tourists to K’Long village, during peak season up to 4, 5 groups. They come by motorcycle, or by car. After telling them about the steps of traditional brocade weaving, we must explain the advantages of these products.According to Ms. Ka Dong: “The products of traditional handcraft weaving such as dresses, skirts, towels are usually durable, firm, thick and cool. We weave for sale to tourists and follow orders of resorts in and outside the province”.

At nightfall, the sun slides toward the mountain range. Somewhere, the laughter of tourists talking when visiting K’Long resounds from the air After walking around to learn about weaving, the habits of the indigenous people, the best thing is that they own the extremely sophisticated products made by the hands of these crafts people. On his first visit to the legendary K Long village, Sann Tovka tourist from Russia, has found that this land has given him an interesting experience: “Knowing the steps of traditional weaving, the rudimentary tools and persistence of the indigenous women here is a great thing. I bought a phone bag and a scarf”.

The sun gradually sets in the horizon; the clouds are covering the mountains. Peaceful K’Long village with its famous brocade weaving craft is doing great to tourists. The hands sometimes move promptly then gently at the weaving loom But when one goes far away they will miss it, just as the invitation in the sweet song that people singDo come to the highlands, and stay here”…

By Thanh Nam

Прикрепление к парчи-ткацкого ремесла в Далат сельской местности
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