Поклонение Церемония Бо Мунг Genie

Overview of Bo Mung Genie Worship Ceremony in Lam Dong

Chu ru minority people live in some communes of Lamdong, Нинь Туан и провинция Джия Лай.

Они, как правило, делают канавы и дамбы, чтобы принести воду на свои поля. Every village always has a person who is responsible for the irrigation work and two assistants.

Chu ru people still keep a lot of their customs such as worshipping ancestors and doing traditional ceremonies (Bomung Genie Worship Ceremony, Robong Genie Worship Ceremony, Monhum Genie Worship Ceremony, New Rice Ceremony, и т.д). Однако, the most ceremony is Bomung Genie Worship Ceremony. In every area of ChuRu people, there must have a place for worship this Genie. The ceremony is organized in lunar February. People in the village only offer goats, but the patriarch must offer a horse because this Genie liked to ride horse.

After ceremony, all people eat and drink together.

Источник: Patriarch of hamlet 4 – Loc Bac commune. TIPC Lamdong recorded

Поклонение Церемония Бо Мунг Genie
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