Because Dalat located in Vietnam highland with many ethnic minorities. So Dalat has also had the diverse festivals. Dalattrip Team will synthesize with details of the popular annual festivals and big events in Dalat Vietnam.

фестиваль чая

Tea Festival

Условия для развития Фестиваль чая в Далат, Lam Dong Lam Dong province has an area of 26 000 га для выращивания деревьев чая. B'Lao чай был известен в течение более половины века отечественных и зарубежных заказчиков. Особенно, Кау Dat чай компании, 80 лет, по-прежнему эффективен на работе. To [...]

Поклонение Церемония поток Genie

Stream Genie Worship Ceremony

Overview of Stream Genie Worship Ceremony in Highlands It is one of the most important festivities of Ma minority people. It is organized in the middle of March every year with the purpose of expressing their gratitude towards Water God for the luck. Также, they wish the good things for next [...]

Новая Райс Церемония K'Ho Люди

New Rice Ceremony of K’Ho People

Overview of New Rice Ceremony of K’Ho People in Dalat New Rice Ceremony is one of the traditional activities of Ma, K’ho ethnic groups in B’lao, Baoloc town. This festival occurs nearly at the time with Tet Holiday of Viet people. This ceremony is celebrated to pray for obtaining favorable [...]

фестиваль Гонг

Gong Festival

Overview of Gong Festival in Highlands The Cultural space of Gongs of Central highland was recognized as the oral work of art and the intangible heritage of human by UNESCO on 15 ноябрь, 2005. After Hue Court Music, this is the second heritage of Vietnam to be given this title. The Cultural [...]

Этнические фестивали культуры

Ethnic Culture Festivals

Overview of Ethnic Culture Festivals in Dalat Lam Dong Dalat – Lamdong is the land inhabited by several people from some nations such as: Vietnamese, Chinese,… especially local ones including the Lach, the Chil, the S’re, the Churu and so on. These ethnic minorities have constructed their [...]

Фестиваль цветов Далат

Dalat Flower Festival

  Overview of Flower Festival in Dalat How has the flower festival been established & разработанный в Далат во Вьетнаме: Расположенный на высоте 1500 м над уровнем моря, Далат скрывает себя среди огромного соснового леса на Langbiang нагорья. The city was endowed with the fresh and mild [...]

Buffalo Фестиваль Stabbing

Buffalo Stabbing Festival

Overview of Buffalo Stabbing Festival in Highlands Every year, at the end of the crop (year-end), ethic minorities organize the greatest festival of the year to offer sacrifice Ndu God and other gods and genies to express their gratitude to the gods who have provided the villagers and tribes with [...]

Bo Mung Genie Worship Ceremony

Bo Mung Genie Worship Ceremony

Overview of Bo Mung Genie Worship Ceremony in Lam Dong Chu ru minority people live in some communes of Lamdong, Ninh Thuan and Gia Lai province. They usually make ditches and dykes to bring water to their fields. Every village always has a person who is responsible for the irrigation work and two [...]