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Dalat Edensee’s philosophy of true retreat has its origin in the Rheingau area – винный растущий регион на западе Германии. Продуманная и удобная, Расцвет и чистый, unattached and pleasant are words that award a distinctive charm to this very particular region. The majesty of ancient castles, embedded in an ocean of elegant green beeches and oaks, the unique architecture of old European villages in Rheingau’s boundless vineyards, and its boasting vibrant nature portray manifold, infallible parallels with Vietnam’s landmark destination Dalat. These attributes evoke a very particular sense of life which has been embodied from heart to detail in Dalat Edensee’s concept of luxury vacation.

Discreetly hidden at the waterfront of Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat Edensee perfectly unifies the ‘Rheingauer’ way of life with Tuyen Lam’s botanical wonders. It is this fusion that emphasizes the charm of the fascinating nature surrounding the resort. Вот, guests are invited to revive when they feel the breeze that whispers through the pine forest and find true relaxation of mind and spirit while wandering around a marvel of architecturea palace that directly adjoins to the nature and seems to have no limits except for the indefinite contours of the distance.

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Escape to a highland paradise of Dalat city where swaying pine trees and lush greenery meet the shimmering waters of the Tuyen Lam Lake. Discover an idyllic retreat featuring an enclave of private villas found along the water front of the resort-owned peninsula. Enjoy timeless elegance, modern sophistication and natural charm at this exclusive mountain resort and experience luxury at its highest level.

Nestled in the heart of the magnificent “Black Forest of Vietnam”, 1500 m above the sea, the Resort is the perfect starting point for trips to Highland Regions.

Dalat Edensee represents a first-class destination combining breathtaking surroundings, personalized service, and spacious sanctuaries of peace and quiet. The elegantly appointed villa units have been thoughtfully designed with delightfully soothing colors, classic fabrics, and warm décor to award each room with a distinct allure.

Their accommodations turn the world into your own wide cocoon. Each unit provides a private balcony facing onto Tuyen Lam Lake or lush pine trees where the moment of relaxation overwhelms you instantly.


Стоимость номера от доллар США 89

Действует с 01/01/2012 к 31/12/2013.

В стоимость номера включительно:

Приветственный напиток в день прибытия,
Ежедневный завтрак для одного или двух человек,
Свежая корзина с фруктами и цветы в день приезда,
Бесплатное использование ADSL Интернет,
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Map of Dalat Edensee Resort

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Edensee Далат Курорт
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