Далат Profit банан марка, Фрукты предложил королю

July 20th 2014.

Tourists visiting Da Lat tend to buy bunches of Laba bananas, a typical species of bananas

During the 1920s of the last century, when people moved to deserted areas in the Western Highlands region, they brought different banana varieties to grow in the La Ba areas (now Phu Son commune, Lam Ha район, провинция Lam Dong) . Over times, Laba bananas found in this place appropriate soil and climate conditions for them to produce scented, sweet, glutinous bananas, which many people like. Laba bananas has ever been offered to Viet Nam kings, especially during Nguyễn Dynasty and the French colonists, when Laba bananas became royal food in royal court’s banquets.

Далат Banana

Dalat Laba Banana at Dalat central market

предварительно, people grew Laba bananas around their gardens

But now Laba bananas are grown in closed areas and developed in bulk in Đức Trọng, Đơn Dương, Di Linh and Lâm Hà districts. в частности, since LABA brand name was granted Certificate of trademark registration number 176080 as per Decision No. 47798/QD-SHTT dated 22/11/2011, there have been many studies aiming to conserve and develop this type of banana breeds. Initially people are successful in propagating Laba bananas by tissue – growing culture, many models of Laba banana farms applying new technology have been born.

According to the figures of Lâm Đồng Statistics Department, by end of 2013, the total areas of bananagrowing land in the province reach approximately 1,131ha ( of which new growth accounts for over 79ha, and 982ha provide produce, output reaching almost 184 quintals/ha, total production about 19,216 тонны). The pioneer in the conservation and development of Laba banana brand name in Lam Dong is Laba Da Lat Co, Ltd., that has built 6 hectares of banana farms following new procedures at Tu Tra Commune, Don Duong and linked cultivation, and sale of farmers’ produce. The companny specializes in exporting Laba bananas to Japan, Australia, Middle East

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Далат Profit банан марка, Фрукты предложил королю
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