Далат Магия Таблица

Место нахождения & formation of Magic Table in Dalat

Approx. 5 км к юго-востоку от центра Далата и напротив Китайская пагода, Далат Волшебной Таблица рода из провинции Бинь Динь в середине Вьетнама используется четыре поколения. Он был известен как “чудо стол” для местных жителей, is claimed to be two centuries old and to have magical properties which enable it to turn left or right or faster an slower per your command even if it look absolutely normal and legit without any motor of any kind.

Dalat Magic Table

Далат Магия Таблица

The weird table will make you amazing

The owner of the table stay there and explain to you what to do. People are supposed to lightly place their hands on the table and will it to move to the right or left- per your command. This table understands English too and you can talk in any languages also make the table move.

Table is rotated or not depending on each person. Sometimes it does not seem to follow your instruction then the owner will put his hands lightly on the table help you.

Many Tourists are interesting in Magic Table

Many Tourists are interesting in Magic Table

Occasionally the owner can takes the table apart and turned the table upside down and put the table on a plastic stool or the floor, even if a person is put on the table some tourists still make it turn around by their command.

Truth or it is a bunch of baloney? Давайте прийти и посмотреть!

The map of Dalat Magic Table

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