ГОРЫ в Далате

Синтезируя все хорошо & huge mountains in Dalat Vietnam.

Langbiang Mountain

LangBiang Mountain

  LangBiang Mountain is the highest mountain of Dalat Langbiang mountain is located in Lac Duong district which is 12km from Dalat in the North. Благодаря высоте 2,169m над уровнем моря, langbiang mountain has not only been an attractive tourist site bit also kept legend about a [...]

Слон Гора

Elephant Mountain

  Overview of Elephant Mountain in Dalat In Dalat, Langbiang рядом горы, есть также еще один, который называется гора слон с высоты 1,756 метры. Elephant mountain has been mentioned for many times in some legends of ethnic minority people in the central [...]