During your staying in Dalat Vietnam, Would you like to have the special foods, delicous and nutrient foods with local stylish restaurants? Dalattrip Team is pleasant to advise some restaurants meet your desire.

Вегетарианские рестораны питание

Vegetarian Food Restaurants

Наслаждайтесь широким выбором блюд в городе Далат из экзотических тропических фруктов, вкусные рулеты, и суп с лапшой к сильным работоспособного кофе и свежей baquettes. Чистые вегетарианские рестораны и вегетарианские продуктовые лавки установлены в большинстве городов и населенных пунктов. В основных туристических направлениях, tourist cafes [...]

Западные Рестораны питание

Western Food Restaurants

If you’re looking for something a little simpler in Dalat city, Some Western restaurants are a great Western-style cafe that serves breakfas, обед & ужин. A modern, trendy, the place to go for sandwiches and salads, which stand out due to the freshness of the ingredients. They also have a [...]

Местные рестораны Еда в Далат во Вьетнаме

Local Food Restaurants in Dalat Vietnam

Dalat cuisine is famous for its use of fresh ingredients, such as vegetables, herbs and meat. Due to this, combined with a minimal use of oil, Dalat cuisine is considered as one of the healthiest ways of cooking on earth. Instead of having a meal at the local tourist restaurant, Some local eateries [...]