Далат, Город для конференций

May 15th 2012.

It is really interesting when having a chance to travel to Dalat. по факту, what a wonderful journey it is if you plan to travel to the city; but taking part in meetings or conferences in Dalat is also as fantastic as spending your holiday in such a romantic city.

Why don’t we organize our conferences in Dalat? It is a big question for most offices of the Central Highlands as well as 62 provinces in the country. С другой стороны, residents here should invite our friends, our relatives or our colleagues to celebrate their big events and many exchange activities in Dalat.

Dalat Edensee Resort

Do you worry about transportation to Dalat?

В настоящий момент, Далат – Lam Dong has built its road system connecting seven provinces in the region. К тому же, Lam Dong is also the province of the Central region that has National Route No.723 connecting to Khanh Hoa including a very dramatic and long slope pass (more dramatic than Ngoan Muc slope pass leading Ninh Thuan to Dalat). Passing the slope, you can easily feel the changing climate as you climb from 500 – 1,000 к 1,500 метры, и т.д. If you love traveling by plane, you can take a 50 minute flight from HCM or Danang City or 90 minutes from Hanoi to Dalat.

Dalat Palace Hotel

Do you worry about conference space?

В данный момент, there are over 723 accommodations with 11,612 rooms (average VND 40,000/day) из которых 185 high-standard hotels from one-to-five star with over 5,000 rooms, в том числе 21 three-to-five-star hotels (с 1,807 rooms). In Lam Dong, Madagui Forest Resort of Da Huoai district seems to be the unique resort of Vietnam. Следовательно, the demand of international-standard conferences as well as accommodations in Dalat will be met when you enjoy your time here. For a big summit, Edensee Далат Курорт, located in the Tuyen Lam Forest, is really a good choice with a good view to Tuyen Lam Lake. В данный момент, Edensee Resort operates four meeting halls whose capacity has reached from 200 к 500 места. At this time, Edensee and other high-standard resorts are offering a big promotion campaign (reducing 30 percent for all fees), such as SaiGon – Далат, Сэмми, Hoang Anh Dat Xanh, и т.д. If you prefer less cost, Cong Doan hotel will be your best choice with three meeting halls whose capacity reaches from 250 к 500 места. Well-equipped rooms, high-standard services such as spa, night club, karaoke, swimming pool, health care, tour, и т.д. are always professionally available during the guests’ stay.

Saigon Dalat Hotel

Do you worry about tourist attractions?

Dalat is the place of beautiful landscapes, следовательно, many all-day tours are available. В данный момент, the provincial tourist Government also recommends new destinations, such as Bidoup – Национальный парк Нуи Ба , Dalat FBio Corp., The Central Highlands Biology Institute, цветок деревни, high-tech farms, vegetable garden or strawberry farms, и т.д. You may also have a visit to Dam’bri Waterfall, Madagui Forest Resort in the South or cold water fish farm in the North.

Так, why don’t we organize our important conferences in Dalat? Let’s enjoy its wonderful climate with spring all year round, to have the best quality for working time, to get fresh air and fresh dishes for a healthy heart, and have a wish to come back once again!


By Bui Thanh long

Далат, Город для конференций
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