Как прибывать Далат Вьетнам


The way and transportation to Dalat city, Lamdong

Some main routes (click for details):

Hanoi city to Dalat & наоборот

Ho Chi Minh city to Dalat & наоборот

Nha Trang city to Dalat & наоборот

Da Nang city (Hoi An Town) Далат & наоборот

Муйне (Phan Thiet city) Далат & наоборот

Kon Tum to Dalat & наоборот (Highlands route: through Lak Lake, Буонметхуот)


Internal Transport in Dalat city:

Guide to get around Dalat

The round Dalat bus

Далат такси

Transportation Timetable in Dalat

Bus schedule in Dalat

Flight schedule in Dalat


Кроме, tourists can rent motorcycles to travel around the city. The most interesting thing when you travel in Dalat is that you must never stop because of the traffic lights or traffic jam. Так или иначе, you must be very careful when you ride by yourself, especially at the cross – roads.

The ways to Dalat city

The ways to Dalat city


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