Далата Cherry Blossom Добро пожаловать весна

10 февраля 2013.

На каждой весной, над пандусами & Углы Далат светящиеся розовые цветы, характерные для умеренного нагорья, который вишни. Никто не знает, когда, многие люди стали знакомы с именем «Далат город вишни”.

Во многих месяцев, cherry blossom almost bare of leaves seemed not alive, but they are still solid, stand for on the coldest time of the year, numerous pink buds appear and just a few days with warm spring weather racing is booming blooming. Bunches of flowers with pink petal fresh, delicate but attractive, attracted to the strange.

The name of this flower that many people are curious

Flower petal just like Vietnam Northern cherry but more color. On each new bud branches and flowers are crowded. Buds look like Vietnam Southern yellow apricot. According to some elders, this flower was called cherry blossom because it is originally the wild apricot trees and was tamed by native people. The color of this flower was pink & look like the cherry, so the name of cherry blossom was called as today.

By Phong Nguyen

Далата Cherry Blossom Добро пожаловать весна
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