Domaine De Marie Церковь


Overview of Domaine De Marie Church in Dalat

The design of this church, которая не имеет колокольни, содержала много обновления по сравнению с классическими церквей на Западе. The most unique point of this church is that its roofs are similar to the roofs of the communal houses of Ethnis minority in Central highland. Behind the church we can see three blocks of modern architectural houses of Les filles de la Charite de Saint Vincent (the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent).

Domaine de Marie Church

Домен-де-Мари Церковь

This is a unique architecture which bears the European architecture style of 17th century and the traditional architecture style of the locality.

Domaine de Marie Convent

Domaine de Marie Convent

Источник: Книга о Vestiges и пейзажей провинции Lamdong.

The church is located on a hill with cherry-blossoms with an area of 12 он, 1 km from city center. Так, it has another name “Mai Anh church”.

The map of Domaine de Marie Convent

Domaine De Marie Церковь
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