Entrance tickets & extended services of Dalat Tourist Places


Updated on July 07th 2013.

Price is quoted USD, Directly Payment to tourist sites, included tax & insurance at tourist place.

XQ Историческая деревня : $1/ticket

Долина Любви : $1/ticket

Шелковый ткацкая фабрика : $0.8/ticket

Сон Хилл : $1.5/ticket

Золотая долина : $1.5/ticket | Ostriches Riding Fee : $10/person/ten minutes

Далат Цветочный сад : $2/ticket

Далат канатной дороги : $2.5/one way ticket – $3.5/round ticket

Далат научно-исследовательский институт биологической : $1/ticket

Crazy House : $2/ticket

Бао Дай Летний дворец : $0.8/ticket

Железнодорожная станция Далат : Free entrance

Train ticket to Trai Mat district (7км): $6.5/round ticket

Чем Тхо озеро (The Lake of Signs) : $0.6/ticket

Тран Ле Суан дворец : $0.5/ticket

Дворец Нгуен Хыу Хао + Lam Dong музей : $1/ticket

Langbiang Mountain : $0.8/ticket | Joining Jeep Car : $2/ticket

Private Jeep Car: $12/Car/6 Persons

Каттьен : $2.5/ticket

Нуи национальный парк Bidoup Ба : $2/ticket

Tiger Cave Водопад : $0.5/ticket

Prenn Водопад : $1/ticket | Ostriches Riding Fee : $10/person/ten minutes

Pongour Водопад : $0.8/ticket

Слон Водопад : $0.5/ticket

Datanla Водопад : $0.5/ticket | Alpine Coaster : $2.3/round ticket

– $1.5/one way ticket | Cable Cabin down deeper waterfall : $2/ticket

Dambri Водопад : $2.3/ticket

Cam Ly Водопад : $0.5/ticket

Tran Le Garden House : $1.5/ticket

Minh Tam Flower Garden : $0.8/ticket

С Lan Village : $2.5/ticket

Madagui Forest Resort : $2.5/ticket

Elephant Riding Fee: $15/quarter hour | $20/half hour | $40/one hour

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