Этнические фестивали культуры

Overview of Ethnic Culture Festivals in Dalat Lam Dong

Dalat – Lamdong is the land inhabited by several people from some nations such as: вьетнамский, Китайский,... особенно локальные, в том числе Лач, Чил, S're, Churu и т.д.. These ethnic minorities have constructed their own distinctive cultural identities that enriched the treasure of Viet Nam culture in terms of cultural festivals and rituals including Saropu festival(Buffalo – stabbing festival), worship ceremony on new rice crop, culture festival of Gong performance, God thanksgiving ceremony… additionally the local people have still developed traditional vocations such as: brocade weaving, jute mate weaving, jug wine production and so forth. Annually in the season of festival, local minorities organize traditional festivals and ritual ceremonies attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitor to observe and join.

Этнические фестивали культуры
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  1. Janneke de Vries, 9 несколько месяцев назад

    I would like to know what festivities are held around Dalat in the month of march 2017.

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