Лэм Донг музей, где сохранились оригинальные исторические и культурные ценности

19 августа 2017.

Лэм Донг Музей расположен на высоком холме в Нет. 4 Ханг Вуонг Street, Da Lat City, это место для сбора, магазин, дисплей, представить о 15,000 объекты чрезвычайно ценным для исследования, археологическое открытие, этнология, история формирования земли и процесс революционной борьбы партии, government and ethnic peoples of Lam Dong province.

The content of the exhibition includes such major parts as:

Da Lat, past and present; the Nature of Lam Dong; Archaeological findings in Lam Dong; cultural characteristics of indigenous peoples (мама, К’ Ho, Chu Ru); The army and the people of Lam Dong during the two wars of resistance against foreign invaders; the peoples of Lam Dong in the process of building and defending the Fatherland.

Музей Лам Донг

Музей Лам Донг

Visiting Lam Dong Museum, tourists see with their own eye Di Linh, B’Lao famous sets of stone musical instruments dating from 2.500 к 3.000 лет,together with P’Roh, Cat Tien architectural monuments. And archaeological sites excavated from the burial tombs of indigenous peoples such as Dai Lang, Дай Лао, От Дона…This is a quite rich collection with almost 10,000 ceramic specimens, bronze and iron artifacts, having considerable values in Southeast Asia.

Lam Dong Museum also has other special cultural heritages such as:

The collection of gold pieces carved or embossed with images of gods, goddesses and mascots or scripts written in ancient Sanskrit, the Linga-Yoni collection with many different materials: gold, silver, bronze, quartz and Lam Dong gray stone …, of which a set of Linga-Yoni was included in the Vietnamese record book (Декабрь 26, 2004); This is the largest Linga-Yoni collection in Viet Nam, discovered from the Cat Tien Holy Land site which was built more than 1,000 много лет назад, and the existence and disappearance of the owner of the Holy Land is still a mystery and isn’t decoded yet.

Outside the 3 ha campus, Lam Dong Museum introduces the two restored stilt houses of the Ma and K’Ho, with interior decoration in the traditional living space. When coming here tourists will feel like living in the house of the Ma and KHo with some activities such as pottery, weaving, brocade weaving, Can wine drinkingSome sets of stone musical instruments are also displayed on this campus so tourists will be able to experience a longstanding musical instrument performed by the Western highland peoples in their cultural activities.

Imperial Palace of queen Nam Phuong

Imperial Palace of queen Nam Phuong

Coming to Lam Dong Museum, tourists have an opportunity to revisit the Imperial Palace of queen Nam Phuong, learn the typical French architecture in Da Lat city and learn more about Queen Nam Phuong (the wife of King Bao Dai, the only queen of the Nguyen Dynasty and the last queen of the feudal dynasty of Viet Nam).

At Lam Dong Museum, tourist can mix themselves into the romantic, lyrical nature of Da Lat; take part in such folk games as cornhole tossing, качающийся, beating gong while blindfolded; Perform traditional crafts such as making pottery, printing Dong Ho painting; watch Artful flowers at the showroom namedThousands of Da Lat flowerswith typical Da Lat flowers such as roses, Hydrangea Hortensia, орхидеи, lilies etcpreserved by Japanese technology that can maintain pure beauties from 3 к 5 лет.

Lam Dong Museum has been and is making lots of efforts to make itself a particular attraction. Tourists to Lam Dong Museum not only learn about the history of the land, the people, but also experience unique cultural values.

By Hoai Thu

Лэм Донг музей, где сохранились оригинальные исторические и культурные ценности
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