Make your life slow down with a tandem bicycle in Dalat

Oct 04th 2012.

How wonderful Dalat, a mountainous city, is with old pine forest, blooming jacaranda flowers, and charming Mimosa flowers in sunshine. All create a romantic painting for the city. Perhaps Dalat is the most ideal place for couples in love thanks to its lovely and romantic space. Город, always covered with fog and green pine forests, is ready to sing its songs with melodies of winds. If you are in love, wandering around Xuan Huong lake with your lover will surely be an unforgettable memory. А также, how happy it is when you are together traveling around the city on a two seater bicyle, and enjoying the smell of cold breaths of fog in Dalat. Each rotation of the pedals is a beautiful moment of the couple side by side when riding over high slopes of the city streets. How wonderful it is!

Take a tandem bike in Dalat
Take a tandem bike in Dalat

Dalat people used to be afraid of traveling by bicycle; но, в настоящий момент, they are no longer scared of slopes in the city thanks to “double strength seater bicyles”. Everything seems to be easy when traveling around the city with a lovely companion; the journey seems to be shorter and give them much energy to overcome challenges. Since the services for traveling by bicyle were available, not only couples in love but also people of all ages have loved these services which are really good for health: cycling improves health and cycling is for sharing happiness as well as sadness in life. Tourists traveling to Dalat are all attracted by two seater bicyles. It is not so hard to rent a bicyle for traveling around. It just costs from VND 20,000 to VND 25,000 to have one in an hour; (renters must leave their ID’s at the office of the service owner for security).

Dalat Wedding with Tandem Bike
Dalat Wedding with Tandem Bike

The provision of two seater bicycles, with no noise, with no smoke, may help the city reduce noises and traffic jam of large vehicles. Safe transportation, fresh air, people’s kindness make Dalat a promising city for tourism since the city is surely without dust, dirt, or noises of vehicles. возможно, two seater bicyles are an ideal model of “green vehicles” for resort city Dalat in future.

Tandem Bike in Dalat's Flower Festival
Tandem Bike in Dalat’s Flower Festival

С надеждой, more “smoke free transportation services” will appear in Dalat so that it will become a green city, an ideal resort destination for tourists all over the world.



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