Puzzle Pieces of Dalat Today and One in the Past

Nov 11st 2011.

Duy Tan Street (Cегодня, 3/2 Street), Dalat in 1968 by Khanh Hmoong


квадрат Хоабинь, Dalat in 1970 by Khanh Hmoong


Dalat Railway Station in 1948by Khanh Hmoong



Lycee Yersin College in 1948 (Today Dalat Teacher’s Training College)by Khanh Hmoong



Hoa Binh Market in 1948by Khanh Hmoong


Dalat Hotel Du Parc (29/12/1948 – 11/11/2011)by Khanh Hmoong


By Khanh Hmoong

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