120-летию города Далат

Jan 01 2013.

город Далат главную страницу новый год с большим количеством занятых подготовкой к его 120-й день рождения. Через 120 лет развития, Далат испытали многочисленные взлеты и падения, счастливые и печальные события ... для того, чтобы достичь нынешней репутации как город тысячи сосен, flowers and thousand things calling people.

Central Fountain of Dalat City

Central Fountain of Dalat City

The fist taste of Dalat city is the sound of pine leaves in wind ringing as if they are singing everywhere on the hilltop, valley, around old villas and two sides of the road. Strolling on streets of countless flower kinds such as pink cherry blossom at the end of the year, bright yellow mimosa signals spring coming, purple flamboyant at the peaceful conner,… or hundred kinds of wild flower originated from Dalat.

Dalat Farms

Dalat Flower Farms

Someone reaches to Dalat for listening local people talk to each other everyday issues: how to cultivate flower and vegetable, apply new technology in farming, туристы, children’s studying, construction… and they especially spend a lot of time for The Flower Festival 2013 coming which is not only marking 120 years of city development but also beginning the national tourism year with theme “ Central Highland green roads” in 5 provinces of Central Highlands.

Dalat Vegetables

Далат Овощи

Flower Festival this year promises to show all the beauty of Dalat nature and people which are accumulated through 120 лет. They are “The cultural space of gong in the Central Highlands” of Vietnam as “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, pristine Lang Biang mountain has gone into legend, diverse collections of flower, sparkling water surface of lakes, majestic waterfalls…. All in a magnificent panorama.

Dalat and The Flower Festival 2013 are awaiting for you coming, discovering and enjoying!

Мистер. Tien Lai

120-летию города Далат
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  1. Rahul Ranjan, 4 много лет назад

    Really all credit goes to the writer of the blog. I never been at any such tour but read about in many blogs and on other source. This one really urging me to do tour like this. Can anyone please tell me how to perform the tour and what are other necessary things that I will have to keep in mind while planning for the same? I am asking because I am for frank traveler, I gone for only Bandhavgarh National Park so far.

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