Night Walking Town & Dalat night market

Time for Dalat Night Walking Town:

19h00 – 22h00 every Saturday and Sunday of week.

Night Walking Town included Dalat night market

In Dalat city, Vietnam, include: Hoa Binh theater area (excluding Tung Nghia bus station), all Tang Bat Ho street, Truong Cong Dinh street, a part of 3-2 street, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, a part of Nguyen Chi Thanh street and whole Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.

Night Walking Town

Night Walking Town

Record of Night Walking town & night market in Dalat:

The walking town was established on 1-11-2003 (also called Dalat night market). It was recognized as the first walking town in Vietnam by Vietnam Record Book Center, and also is the only pedestrian area in Da Lat city.

Dalat night market

Dalat night market


The vehicles are banned getting in during time of walking town make this area become safe and interesting for pedestrian. Tourist can stroll and discover 5 different areas:

Foods at Night Walking Town

Foods at Night Walking Town

 – Second-hand clothing market:

All sellers cry their wares loudly: “twenty-five, thirty-five …”. That’s the price of their second-hand jacket to be fixed keep buyer from bargain. If you take your time for choosing, you still be able to find out some good jacket meet your require with supper cheap price only from 2 – 3 USD.

 – New clothing areas:

Be special for wool clothes because Dalat is known as the country of all kinds of wool clothes. The price’s very reasonable for all people. A sweater costs about 10 USD being usually very nice. You can see the abundance of merchandise here and you should bargain for items those you buy.

 – Fresh foods area:

Dalat is famous with the land of cool weather and rich soil suitable for flowers and vegetables round year. You can find out a lot of local products brought by farmers to market such as: sweet potatoes, potatoes, artichoke, strawberries, cabbage, roses, orchids, daisy flower, persimmon, banana, mango …

 – Food street:

In the past, the food market located in the left side of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, this site became the park after that result in moving across the street of the food market. Restaurants are located close together under bright lights. Each restaurant sell some kinds of food such as traditional rice noodle (Pho, bun bo hue, mien ga…), grilled chicken, “Vietnamese pizza”, etc. with special tastes in cool air.

Video of tasting foods at Dalat Night Market

 – Street performance area:

This is place where you can see youth groups perform hip hop dancing, Roller-skating, Shuttlecock kicking… In special occasions such as: the Festival of Flowers, Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year, travelers can enjoy free outdoor public art program with the contribution of local singers and artists.

Some Souvenirs at walking town

Some Souvenirs at walking town

There are also many lovely souvenir items like key chains, dolls, Dalat T-shirt being sold by venders around the monument area and on pavement.

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Map of Night Walking Town & Night market in Dalat city

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