About High Ropes Course

You love adventurousness, thrills and conquering yourself? High Ropes Course in Dalat with 10 game rounds and 80 elements (challenges) between trees at about 18m height will be the ideal destination for you!

Each game round (circle) is separately designed on the principle of increasing difficulty. After each round, players have the option to stop or continue conquering themselves with the challenge in the next round. We have game rounds for children with easier level.



8:00 am: We pick you up from your hotel and transfer to the playground of High Ropes Course. In about 1,5 – 2 hours, you will discover all the circles below:

The Practice Circle 1 & The Practice Circle 2. Our guide will offer you a full safety briefing to use skillfully equipments and the system. Every player is double secured with a mutually blocking safety system. Each practice circle has 3 similar elements: Monkey Bridge, Ladders and Zipline.

 Yellow Circle: This area was designed for children from 3 to 8 years old. They will be flexible and exciting for playing in the absolute safety condition thanks to the European Standardization System.

Green Circle: This one is good on family activities. Parents can join their children with the challenge being designed at a height of 2m – 5m above the ground.

Orange Circle. Great experience of the landscape will appear when you move through the pine forest from a height of 13 m. 9 challenges of Orange Circle will help you “warm up” before starting on a journey to conquer the more difficult element.

Blue Circle: 10 games which have increasing difficulty will make you nervous, but they also create the feeling of tremendous excitement when you overcome your fear. Thrilling and interesting, Blue Circle is the round you should not miss!

Red Circle: This round requires endurance, clever techniques and high concentration. Your heart rate will be increased faster than ever when you fly on the 200m long Zipline crossing pine forests.

Black Circle: This round is only for the brave! The 15m height and Tarzan game has made the most courageous participant must tremble. Black Circle will bring the spectacular experience of the landscape, technique and emotion for anyone.

10:45 am. Visiting Datanla waterfall – a beautiful fall hidden in the green forest creating the charming scenery. You can take thrilling alpine coaster or walk down to cool falls in jungle forest.

11:45 am. Our guide takes you back to your hotel.

Some photos of High Ropes Course in Dalat (click for full view)


Safety rules for High Ropes Course

1.   Close-toed, low heel shoes must be worn at all time, eg. tennis shoes….

2.   You must wear clothing suitable for sport, eg. No skirts/dresses. Hair long enough to be pulled back must be pulled back and tied.

3.   Be careful of glasses and contact lenses when participating in events. Restraining straps for glasses are suggested.

4.   Jewelry of  any type including watches and non-prescription sunglasses must not be worn and should not even be brought to the ropes course. We have small safety boxes.

5.   Each activity has a maximum weight restriction of 120kgs and a minimum of 20kgs.

6.   People with medical issues that could be aggravated by events may not do those events.

7.   No knives or other sharp objects are allowed on the course.

8.   Each activity has a minimum height restriction of 1.1 metres. No one can do an event where they are not tall enough to reach the top rope or cable while standing on the bottom rope or cable.

9.   No gum, candy or other food items are allowed on the course.

10. No smoking, alcoholic beverages, drugs, radios, fireworks or firearms are allowed in the ropes course area.

11. We are not responsible for ripped/soiled clothing.

12. No stacking more than two people high (try to discourage any stacking, usually there are other alternatives).

13. No jumping off events.

14. No one is to attempt or even touch an event until after the instructor has given the safety considerations, objectives, and parameters of the event and invited the group to proceed.

15. No one is to step in the middle of another person’s back or on the end of a bent knee.

16. No one can do high course that cannot properly fit in a harness.

What to Bring• Closed-toe and closed-back shoes required • Clothing suitable for sport • Fingerless Gloves (You can rent: 10,000 VND/pair)


Number of pax 1 2-3 4-5 6-7 8-9
Adult 43 USD/pax 42 USD/pax 36 USD/pax 34 USD/pax 27 USD/pax
Children (Under 1,2m) 36 USD/pax 35 USD/pax 27 USD/pax 20 USD/pax 15 USD/pax

Inclusion: • Vehicle for transport • Entrance fees (High Ropes Course, Datanla waterfall, roller coaster) • Bottled water • Professional instructors and supervisors • European Standardization Equipments • Insurance

No Inclusion: • Lunch • Other personal expenses.



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