Tuyen Lam Lake


Overview of Tuyen Lam Lake, The Paradise Lake in Dalat

Tuyen Lam lake (Paradise Lake), 6km to the South of Dalat, has the water surface of 350 ha. It was created by Tia stream – head water of Da Tam river. Nobody knows when and why it was called Tuyen Lam, but maybe because of the grandiose nature around it – stream and forest were close to each other. Tuyen stand for stream, Lam stands for forest. Tuyen Lam is a place for water and tree meeting each other.

Tuyen Lam lake

Tuyen Lam lake

Popular Activities at Tuyen Lam lake

The Lake and its campus have fresh air, tranquil atmosphere and diversified natural landscape. The lake will become a big tourist attraction with the unique types of tourism such as sight – seeing, camping, health caring, trekking, mountain climbing, fishing, visiting revolutionary base and other activities for spot and recreation, especially eco – tourism.

Also called Paradise Lake in Dalat

Also called Paradise Lake in Dalat

Coming to Tuyen Lam lake, tourist can visit Truc Lam zen monastery, then buy ticket to go sightseeing around the lake, see some tourist sites such as: Fairy Rock tourist site, Nam Qua tourist site…etc, taste some specialties of Dalat, drink Can wine, ride Horse or Elephant.

Boat at Tuyen Lam Lake

Boat at Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam lake was recognized as a Cultural historical hertage on August 30th, 1998.

The map of Tuyen Lam Lake

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  1. Eric Bageot, 11 years ago Reply


    We had lunch at “restaurant ” in the woods on an isolated part of the lake where boats drop tourists. A real rip off. We paid 620,000 dong ($30) for some chicken bones, no meat, even though the waiter said he was bringing a 1kg chicken. What a joke. I’ll never go back and tell everyone not to go there.


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