Visiting the hanging strawberry garden in Dalat Vietnam

The hanging strawberry garden with hydroponic method has appeared several years ago in Dalat city. Previously, Dalat’s farmers planted strawberry within row in the ground.

Dalat strawberry

Dalat strawberries will be harvested in the daily morning

Currently, some growers have adopted technology hanging hydroponic method in the greenhouse to avoid rats, limiting pests, diseases to strawberry (avoid the use of pesticides).

The planting strawberries were isolated on rigs high ground 1 meter, watered and fertilized by irrigation drip pipe plug. Here, The farmers beekeeper to pollinate the flowers and produce the berries without hybrid.

A tourist picks the strawberry

A tourist picks the strawberry

The hanging strawberry garden of Biofresh

Following two youths Bich Ly and Anh Dung, We visit the hanging strawberry garden of Biofresh (17 Lam Vien, Ward 8, Dalat city). Two young tourists took advantage of the picture at the fresh red strawberry pots before the harvest.

Holding a nice pot of strawberry, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy owner of this farm “show off” this is a product of technology-Harvesting-Planting-Processing from the seeds of Mara Des Bois, Chalalotte to the special products of Dalat according to French standards.

Mara des Bois strawberries

Ms. Thuy with a pot of Mara des Bois strawberries

The picky customers have started to pay attention to the fresh strawberry products with the high-tech planting in the greenhouse. Despite its high price in the market 4-5 times, but always un-available for sale because the product has been on the high-end customers, hotel, restaurant, supermarket chain, the majority of consumption in Ho Chi Minh city.

The hanging strawberry garden

The hanging strawberry garden

Although unable to supply products for all tourists on the spot, but the garden farmers are very enthusiastic to welcome the tourists on sightseeing, taking pictures, exchanging hydroponic growing methods, the Hanging Gardens of …

Dalat strawberry jam

Dalat Strawberry Jam

These fresh pure strawberry gardens, in addition to meeting the demand for food is full of good healthy nutrients for people, also become interesting for tourists coming to the mountain town of Dalat.

By Tien Dung

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