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第6大叻花卉节 2015 – 2016

The 6th Dalat Flower Festival in 2015 – 2016

6月29日 2015. 节日主题, 期限, VENUE Theme: Dalat – Multitude of Flower Colors Duration: 5 天, 从 30 十二月 2015 通过 03 一月 2016 (从周三至周日) 地点: 大叻市和林同省范围内的几个地方. PROGRAM OF THE 6TH DALAT FLOWER [...]


夏雨节的大叻市计划 2014

The programs of Summer Rain Festival in Dalat City 2014

July 24th 2014. Da Lat city will hold a summer festival called The Summer Rain Festival (Rain in mountain city) from 07th Aug 2014 to 10th Aug 2014, and hopes to turn its rainy season into a tourist attraction. The program details: I. Coffee Space "Waiting rain" - 为期: 4 天, from 07th [...]


艺术摄影展 & 越南大叻的夏季音乐节 2013

Artistic Photo Exhibition & Summer Festival of Dalat Vietnam 2013

  7月28日 2013. 在7月27日 2013, 拉姆·多文化中心和青年摄影俱乐部主题拉开了图片展“大叻在我的心脏”一起戴乐禅师街 (也被称为大叻的街头咖啡馆), 从7月27日大叻市 2013 到03rd八月 2013. The artistic exhibition [...]

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第5大叻花卉节 2013 – 四个事件中的一个

The 5th Dalat Flower Festival in 2013 – Four Events in One

July 07th 2013. In the first week of May 2013, Lam Dong People's Committee and representatives of relevant departments and branches in the province had a working meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss programs of major Cultural - Tourism Events to be held in Dalat, 林董 [...]


王雄’ 忌日 2013 大叻

Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary 2013 in Dalat

  April 19th 2013. Today 19th April 2013, is also the 10th of Lunar March, let's go to Hung Kings Temple for the Hung King’s death anniversary and enjoy within a lot of festival activities. About Hung Kings' Festival at CLICK HERE One of the Hung Kings Temples at the site Ten [...]

第7宫文化节 2013

The 7th Gong Cultural Festival in 2013

  April 10th 2013. The 7th Gong Cultural Festival will be taken place in 2 天: April 26th and 27th, 2013 in Cat Tien District. This is one of typical events of lamdong province which is performed by Ma ethnic minority group. The Frestival will be held with many interesting activities. [...]


The 120th Birthday of Dalat city

Jan 01st 2013. Dalat city is begining a new year with a lot of busy preparations for its 120th birthday. Through 120 years of development, Dalat experienced numerous ups and downs, happy and sad events… in order to achieve current reputations as the city of thousand pine trees, flowers and [...]

第四邦美蜀咖啡节 2013

The 4th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival in 2013

Nov 08th 2012. Viet Nam is the second largest coffee producer of the world after Brazil. 最近几年, coffee has become the key product in Daklak - the central Highland province. Next year, The 4th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival will take place in Buon Ma Thuot city, Daklak province, 越南 [...]


在林东茶文化圈周 2012

The Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week in 2012

Nov 08th 2012. Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week in 2012 under the theme "fragrance of plateau" take place from Dec 21st 2012 to Dec 28th 2012 in Bao Loc city and extend: Da Lat City, 宝琳区, 迪灵区. The program as follows:   Main Programs of Lam Dong Tea Cultural Week [...]