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March 05th 2014.

Dalat tourist office supports for free travel information

In early 2013, based on tourist’s needs looking for travel informations as they visit Da Lat city increasing more and more, Dalat Trip company’s board of directors decided to establish branch office named “Dalat Tourist Information Office” located at 27 张庭选聪亭街, 病房 1 , 大叻市. This position is rightly in the city center where gathering of most important buildings such as: Hoa Binh theater, Da Lat market , 春香湖, banks …. creating convenient factor of visitors to reach easily our office for consultation. Our goal is always improving customer service quality better and better, help them get most useful tourist informations as soon as they arriveThe City of Eternal Springwhich is dreamy and romantic. Functions of Dalat Tourist Information Office concretely include:

* Providing free maps of Da Lat city center for tourists.

* Providing informations related to tourism activities such as:

• Famous tourist sites in Da Lat city and suburban areas.

• Hotels, motels, guest houses.

• Restaurants and other eating places.

• Transportation, moving in the inner city and other provinces.

• Entertainment venue.

• Other issues that interested visitors.

* Designing and organizing tours in Dalat city, countryside areas and other provinces in the country.

* Bus tickets from Da Lat to other provinces.

至今, Tourist Information Office of Dalat Trip has effectively promoted the potentials and strengths, supporting positively visitors, especially tourists who are much confused at the first time in Da Lat city. That is the reason why our office is increasingly popular with travelers, being appreciated, and become their choice as a reliable address in their journey toThe City of Love”. In response to the trust and the expectation of our customers, we has been striving to build the better system of providing information.

Dalat Tourist Information Office of Dalat Trip

地址: 没有. 27, 张庭选聪亭街, 病房 1, 大叻市. See map location here

联系电话: 063 3900 809 – 传真 : 063 3555 769.

电子邮件 : contact@dalattrip.com – 网站 : www.dalattrip.com


Dalat Tourist Information Office

Dalat Tourist Information Office

大叻旅行 - 27 张庭选聪亭 - 大叻市

大叻旅行 – 27 张庭选聪亭 – 大叻市


Dalat Tourist Information OfficeDalat Trip No.27